West Bengal Board Syllabus for Political Science

For studying the subject Political Science West Bengal Board Syllabus for Political Science is essential for the students.  The students follow the syllabus while preparing for a subject because the students must read what the board wants them to read for a particular subject to do good in the exam. For guiding the students of WBCHSE with their political science preparation we provide the West Bengal Board Syllabus for Political Science. The political science syllabus that we upload is so precise that the students can relate to it easily and can use it while learning a subject. The West Bengal Board Political Science Syllabus that we post is always updated with the change in political science syllabus by the board, so that the student does not follow any wrong syllabus while preparing for the subject. As the syllabus is posted online by us so the students can use it at any time they want without much problem. Several topics of political science covered by West Bengal Board Political Science Syllabus are – nature of politics as a social activity, state, nationality, nation and state, citizen and their human rights, framing of India’s constitution, party system in India, adult franchise in India, election commission and several other topics of class XI and class XII political science subject of WBCHSE board.
As for good preparation students need more than a syllabus so we post the sample papers, previous year papers and information about course books of political science along with the West Bengal Board Syllabus for Political Science. For students’ doubts and confusion regarding the political science subject, we provide expert advice on the subject to clear them. As every study material of a subject is required by students for their preparation that is why we post every possible educational material at our site so that the students can access them easily and face no problem searching for them. We want to minimize their searching time that’s why we post every important material together.


West Bengal Board Syllabus for Political Science by Class
  • WEST BENGAL BOARD Class 11 Syllabus for Political Science

    Class 11 Political Science Syllabus PART A : INDIAN CONSTITUTION AT WORK 1. Making of the constitution : Why do we need a constitution ? What does a constitution do ? Who made our constitution ? How did the country's partition affect the working of the Constituent Assembly ? What were the sources of the constitution ? 2. Funda...Read More

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