West Bengal Board Syllabus for History

Like books syllabus is also important for the students and thus the West Bengal Board Syllabus for History is important for the students. We always recommend our students to study from the West Bengal Board Syllabus for History as to make a plan to complete the syllabus. The syllabus is one of the most important study materials that a student always need to refer while preparing for a subject that is why we post syllabuses of several subjects of different boards. The West Bengal Board Syllabus for History that we post at our site consists of the history syllabus of both WBBSE and WBCHSE board. In the WBBSE (class X) board the history subject is a compulsory subject but is WBCHSE (class XII ) board it is an optional subject. The West Bengal Board History Syllabus that we post at our site is explained in very well manner and it contains the mark wise description so that the students will not face any problem in understanding it. We post the updated history syllabus of both the boards. For the students West Bengal Board Syllabus for History act as a guide book that shows the student right path for preparation and reduce their confusion regarding what to read and what not to for the exam. The chapters and topics present in the West Bengal Board History Syllabus are – geographical factors of Indian history and its influence, evolution of Indian civilization, decline of Gupta Empire, Islam and India, Mughal era, background of First World War, constitution of independent India, Mauryan Empire, British raj and many other topics of WBBSE and WBCHSE syllabus.
To further help the student with their history preparation we post sample papers, previous year papers and information on course book of both the boards along with the West Bengal Board History Syllabus. Students always has lots of confusion on the history subject to clear them we post the expert suggestion on our site. Students always face lots of problem while searching for important study materials and loss their valuable time. To stop this and to help the student we provide every possible educational material at our site for the students to access them.
West Bengal Board Syllabus for History by Class
  • WEST BENGAL BOARD Class 10 Syllabus for History

    Unitwise Syllabus : Class X History 1. Expansion of British Empire in India (1765-1856 AD) a) Imperial Expansion – Different Stages. b) Foundation of the Colonial Administration. 2. British Raj a) Colonial Impact–Land Revenue Policy. b) Changes in the British Commercial Policy. c) Decline of Indigenous Manufacture. 3. Protest, Resistan...Read More

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