West Bengal Board Syllabus for Class 12

West Bengal Board Syllabus for Class 12 by Subject
  • WEST BENGAL BOARD Physics Syllabus for Class 12

    Class 12 Physics Syllabus Unit : 1 Physical World and Measurement * Scope and excitement of physics * Physics, technology and society, Fundamental forces in nature, Conservation laws, Examples of the gravitational force, Electromagnetic force and nuclear force from the experiences of day-to-day life ( only qualitative ) * Importance of measure...Read More

  • WEST BENGAL BOARD Psychology Syllabus for Class 12


  • WEST BENGAL BOARD Accountancy Syllabus for Class 12

    Standard: 12 Financial Accounts – Accountancy  UNIT – 1 PARTNERSHIP ACCOUNTS * Form of partnership firm – partnership Deed – Meaning and Impact. * Special features of partnership final accounts : Fixed v/s fluctuating capital accounts,distribution of profit amongst partners. UNIT – 2 RECONSTRUCTION OF PARTNERSHIP – (Changes in partners...Read More

  • WEST BENGAL BOARD Biology Syllabus for Class 12

    Standard 12 BIOLOGY Unit : 1 Physiology of Plants -Cell as a functional unit, Composition of protoplasm; water relations; Absorption and conduction (Diffusion, osmosis, plasmolysis, permeability, water potential, absorption) Theories of ascent of sap – root pressure, suction force transpiration – importance. Factors affecting rate o transpiration...Read More

  • WEST BENGAL BOARD Economics Syllabus for Class 12


  • WEST BENGAL BOARD Geography Syllabus for Class 12

    West Bengal  Class XII Geography Syllabus One Theory Paper                   3 Hours                70 Marks A. Fundamentals of Human Geography                                             35 Marks Unit 1: Human Geography                                                                     3 Unit 2: People                                       ...Read More

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