West Bengal Board Syllabus for Class 11

Class 11th is the important class as it covers the completely new topic and their basics. West Bengal Board class 11 syllabus is designed in a way so that students will get the complete fundamental knowledge which will be beneficial for them in future. For students it is important to understand the basics as then only they can achieve good marks in class 12th. West Bengal Board class 11 syllabus covers all the topics of NCERT syllabus, this step is taken so that students can participate and can get success in different national level competitions like ISEET, AIPMT and so on. In this class students have to choose different subjects categorized mainly in three streams like Science, Arts and Commerce. The syllabus for class 11th West Bengal Board subjects is given on our portal to help students in a way so that it will saves the time of students that they waste in searching the material for the preparation of different subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Maths , Computer Science , Political science , History etc.
Class 11th has some new subjects like commerce which is not included in earlier classes. West Bengal Board class 11 syllabus of the stream commerce helps students to know the chapters which will come in exams. The main idea behind introducing the West Bengal Board class 11 syllabus in the beginning is to help students to will make plan and study accordingly. They can manage there time taken to complete the whole syllabus. Students can also prepare topics of different subjects using the previous year sample papers and other sample papers that are presented on our site. Science students can find the syllabus for class 11th West Bengal Board of all the subjects that can choose like Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Teachers can also take help of this syllabus to prepare their question paper and to take their classes according to that.


West Bengal Board Syllabus for Class 11 by Subject
  • WEST BENGAL BOARD Sociology Syllabus for Class 11

    Class 11  Sociology Syllabus INTRODUCING SOCIOLOGY Unit 1 : Society & Sociology Introducing Society : Individuals and collectivities. Plural Perspectives Introducing Sociology : Emergence. Nature & Scope. Relationship to other disciplines. Unit II : Basic Concepts -Social Groups -Status and Role -Social Stratification -Soc...Read More

  • WEST BENGAL BOARD Physics Syllabus for Class 11

    Standard 11 PHYSICS Unit : 1 Static Electricity * Friction electricity, Charges and their conservation, Coulomb’s law-forces acting between two point charges, forces acting among many charge, principle of superposition and continuous charge distribution. * Electric field and its physical interpretation , Electric field of a point charge, elect...Read More

  • WEST BENGAL BOARD Political Science Syllabus for Class 11

    Class 11 Political Science Syllabus PART A : INDIAN CONSTITUTION AT WORK 1. Making of the constitution : Why do we need a constitution ? What does a constitution do ? Who made our constitution ? How did the country's partition affect the working of the Constituent Assembly ? What were the sources of the constitution ? 2. Funda...Read More

  • WEST BENGAL BOARD Psychology Syllabus for Class 11

    Standard: 11 UNIT 1 :What is Psychology? * Introduction o Psychology as a subject o Subject matter of Psychology o Psy. as a modern subject. o Milestone in the history of Psychology o Approaches of the study of Psychology o Biological, Behaviouristic, cognitive * Psycho – dynamic, Humanistic * Socio – cultural fields of Psychology. ...Read More

  • WEST BENGAL BOARD Accountancy Syllabus for Class 11

    Standard: 11 Accountancy Sample Paper UNIT – 1 INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING * Accounting : Meaning, objectives, Accounting information – its types & forms, Advantages & Limitations. * Qualitative characteristics of Accounting information Reliability, Relevance, understandability, comparability. * Basic Accounting terms : Economic trans...Read More

  • WEST BENGAL BOARD Biology Syllabus for Class 11

    West Bengal Board Syllabus  Biology CLASS  Xl unll  l:  Dlverslly  of  Llvlng  orgonlsms   .  Diversity  of  livlng  orgonlsms .  Clossificotion  of  living  orgonlsms -  Three  domoins  of  life. clossificolion.   -  Concept  of  species  ond  toxonomic  hierorchy.   Binomiol  nomencloiure. -  Solient  feotures  ond  clossificolio...Read More

  • WEST BENGAL BOARD Economics Syllabus for Class 11

    Standard: 11 Economics Syllabus 1. Significance of statistical Details in the studies of Economic problems of India. * Objects: a) From the point of view of determining the magnitudes (size) of any economic problem. b) From the point of view of comparative studies. c) From the point f view, of Logical inferences (conclusions). d) From the ...Read More

  • WEST BENGAL BOARD Geography Syllabus for Class 11

    Class 11  Geography Syllabus PART A : FUNDAMENTALS OF PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY Unit 1 : Geography as a Discipline Geography as an integrating discipline, as a science of spatial attributes. Branches of geography : importance of physical geography. Unit 2 : The Earth Origin and evolution of the earth, Interior of the earth; Wegener's conti...Read More

  • WEST BENGAL BOARD Chemistry Syllabus for Class 11

    Standard 11 Chemistry (Theoretical) Unit – 1 Some basic concepts of chemistry :- Importance of studying chemistry, physical quantities and their s.1 units, dimensional analysis precision and significant figures, classification of matter laws of chemical combination,  Dalton’s atomic theory, mole concept, atomic, molecular and molar masses. ...Read More

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