West Bengal Board Syllabus for Biology

Students are required to study the subject Biology from West Bengal Board Syllabus for Biology. Students of every board refers to the syllabus of a subject before taking preparation for it, as the syllabus is of such importance so we post it at our site for the students. The biology subject is offered in the syllabus of both WBBSE and WBCHSE board that is why we post the West Bengal Board Syllabus for Biology for the students of both the boards. Biology subject is prepared as additional subject by the students of WBBSE board and as optional in WBCHSE board. Generally students always go through the syllabus before starting any subject, as the syllabus helps them to have knowledge about which chapters are needed to be followed by students while learning a subject. We provide the West Bengal Board Syllabus for Biology for biology subject of both the boards. So that the students does not face any difficulty while going through the West Bengal Board Syllabus for Biology that is why we have posted precise and to the point biology syllabus for the students. Students may get misguided if they follow the old syllabus, so we always post the updated syllabus for the students. The topics covered by the West Bengal Board Syllabus for Biology are as such – plant anatomy, human anatomy, kind of cells, cell culture, types of enzymes and other important topic of the biology syllabus.
Biology subject is a very important subject and so that the students can prepare this subject well we upload the sample paper, previous year paper and information about course books along with the West Bengal Board Biology Syllabus for the students of WBBSE and WBCHSE board. The expert suggestion is also provided for their help. As an educational site we always want to make studying easy and fun for students. So we provide interactive study materials along with every necessary educational material which students can access easily.


West Bengal Board Syllabus for Biology by Class
  • WEST BENGAL BOARD Class 12 Syllabus for Biology

    Standard 12 BIOLOGY Unit : 1 Physiology of Plants -Cell as a functional unit, Composition of protoplasm; water relations; Absorption and conduction (Diffusion, osmosis, plasmolysis, permeability, water potential, absorption) Theories of ascent of sap – root pressure, suction force transpiration – importance. Factors affecting rate o transpiration...Read More

  • WEST BENGAL BOARD Class 11 Syllabus for Biology

    West Bengal Board Syllabus  Biology CLASS  Xl unll  l:  Dlverslly  of  Llvlng  orgonlsms   .  Diversity  of  livlng  orgonlsms .  Clossificotion  of  living  orgonlsms -  Three  domoins  of  life. clossificolion.   -  Concept  of  species  ond  toxonomic  hierorchy.   Binomiol  nomencloiure. -  Solient  feotures  ond  clossificolio...Read More

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