West Bengal Board History Syllabus for Class 10

West Bengal Board Syllabus for Class 10 History

Unitwise Syllabus : Class X

1. Expansion of British Empire in India (1765-1856 AD)
a) Imperial Expansion – Different Stages.
b) Foundation of the Colonial Administration.

2. British Raj
a) Colonial Impact–Land Revenue Policy.
b) Changes in the British Commercial Policy.
c) Decline of Indigenous Manufacture.

3. Protest, Resistance and Uprisings
 a) Uprisings during the First Century of British Rule – Peasant Revolts.
 b) Tribal Revolts.
 c) The Great Revolt of 1857.

4. Genesis of Indian Nationalism
a) 19 th century Nationalism in India–European Background.
b) Education Policy of the British – Rise of the English Educated Middle Class – Social Reform Movements.
c) Awakening of National Consciousness – First Phase of Nationalism.
d) Founding of the Indian National Congress.

5. Early Phase of the Indian National Congress
a) Early Phase of the Congress – Split between Moderates and Extremists.
b) Militant Nationalism.
c) Partition of Bengal and Swadeshi Movement.
d) Revolutionary Movements.

6. Imperialism and the Background of First World War
a) European Imperialism and the First World War.
b) Post War Europe and India.
c) Mahatma Gandhi and the Transformation of Indian Nationalism.
d) Non-Cooperation and Civil Disobedience Movements.

7. Background of World War II
a) Fascism in Germany and Italy.
b) Fascist Aggression – Collapse of Democracy – Failure of the League
of Nations.
c) Second World War.

8. Main Stages of National Movement in India : 1930-1947 A.D.
a) Various Trends within the Congress-Left Politics.
b) Revolutionary Movements : Punjab and Bengal.
c) 1942 Movement.
d) Subhas Chandra & I.N.A.
e) Post Second World War Popular Uprisings.
f) Background of Communal Politics & Two-Nation Theory.
g) Partition of India and Indian Independence.

9. Constitution of Independent India
a) Constitution of India – Salient Features.
b) Institutional Framework of the Indian Democratic Republic.
c) Growth of Parliamentary Democracy – Multi-party System.

10. Search for Peace in the Post-war World
a) Formation of the U.N.O.
b) Cold War : Its Origin.
c) National Liberation Movements in Asia and Africa.
d) India’s Policy of Non-Alignment.

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