West Bengal Board Economics Syllabus for Class 11

West Bengal Board Syllabus for Class 11 Economics

Standard: 11 Economics Syllabus

1. Significance of statistical Details in the studies of Economic problems of India.

* Objects:
a) From the point of view of determining the magnitudes (size) of any economic problem.
b) From the point of view of comparative studies.
c) From the point f view, of Logical inferences (conclusions).
d) From the point of view of Diagrammatic Representation.
* Utility of Statistical Details : (in)
a) Population b) Un employment
c) Poverty
The studies must be supported by graphs, diagrams & date schedules. (tables)

2. Economic Growth & Development

* Views of economic Development.
* Indicators of growth
a) Per capital Income
b) Rate of standard of living.
c) Rate of Human capital Development.
(Only introductory explanation)
* Difference between economic growth & economic Development.
* Sustainable living Std. & quality of life. (Std. of living)
* Features of Indian Economy as a developing economy.

3. Structure of Indian Economy

* Details about the conditions of Indian economy before Independence.
* Change brought about after the independence in planned economy.
* Occupational Structure in Indian economy
* Contribution of Agri, Manufacturing & services in the national income.

4. Infrastructure:

* Meaning & Nature
* Core sector: 1) Electricity 2) Transport 3) Communication.
* Social sector: 1) Education 2) Health 3) Accommodation (Resi.)

5. Development Programmes (up to 1991)

* economic planning – Meaning – main (general) objects – features of economic policies –
Achievements & Failures.

6. Economic Reform: after 1991

* Need for economic reforms & their features. Liberalization. Globalization & Privatisation.

7. Population of India.

* Size & Rate of growth of population.
* Effects of population on economic Dev.
* Causes of high birth rate.
* Measures to control growth rate of population.

8. Poverty in India Concept of Absolute to Relative poverty. Main measure to alleviate poverty.

9. Un employment in India
* Meaning of Un employment – kinds Nature of Un employment – causes – Measures to
remove un employment.

10. Other Problems in India.

* Problem of protection of ENVIRONMENT (Pollution)
* Problem of large differences in sex ratio.
* Problem of Migration to urban areas & Brain drain.

11. Urbanization

* Process of urbanization – positive & negative (Rackless) effects of Urbanization.
* Policy of Urbanization in India.

12. Agriculture sector

* Agri as the back bone of Indian economy.
* Growth & Dev. of Agri & its expansion impact.
* Productivity in Agri – Per Hectare &
Labour productivity – problem of low productivity – Measures to improve the productivity.

13. Industry (MFG.) in India.

* Importance of Industrialisation in India.
* Basic Industry.
* Problems of medium & small industry.
* Measures of the Govt. to improve the S.S.I.S.

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