UP Board Syllabus

The UP board made changes to the curriculum in 2000. Before that, in the high school level exam, different streams were included as a part of the syllabus. Arts, Science, Commerce, Fine arts, Agriculture were added. But in the new syllabus, the board follows a common core curriculum which is structured with six compulsory subjects and it is applied up to class X. These six compulsory subjects are Hindi, any other language, Social Science, Science, Mathematics and one subject of social work education.   Internal assessment is also conducted up to class IX. In this newly added curriculum, the syllabi of class IX and X are divided, and according to it, the high school exam is conducted on the basis of the syllabi of class X. At the intermediate level, students can choose five subjects, and among them, Hindi is mentioned as a compulsory subject. Other subjects can be taken from any groups of subjects.

For the first time, the UP Board has taken the decision to include credit system for high school and intermediate syllabuses. According to the Board, the new syllabus is more beneficial for students and it will help them to cope up with the current demands. Additionally, the syllabus is exclusively job oriented. In this new pattern, if any student cannot clear the exam, then he needs to appear for the exams of those particular subjects. Once the student clears the exam, then he can get the final mark sheet. Compartmental exams are also introduced by this board.

UP Board Syllabus by class

  • UP Board Syllabus for Class 12

    The board of high school and intermediate education, Uttar Pradesh (UPMSP) is a reputed educational board. Since its inception, the Board has played a major role in providing education to a vast geographical area. Several schools are recognized by this Board, and it supervises and monitors the examination process of the Intermediate examination. The Board follows 10+2 e...Read More

  • UP Board Syllabus for Class 10

    The board of high school and intermediate education, Uttar Pradesh (UPMSP) has been maintaining an updated syllabus for each class since its inception. The board has done extensive research and based on that it has introduced some changes in the syllabus in 2000. Keeping in mind the basic educational demands of the students, this renowned board follows a comprehensive syll...Read More

  • UP Board Syllabus for Class 9

    To cater to a standard syllabus, the board of high school and intermediate education, Uttar Pradesh (UPMSP) has done extensive research and hence, the board had made some changes in syllabus in 2000. This eminent board has introduced a well-structured syllabus for class 9. Based on the updated syllabus, internal assessment is conducted up to class 9. The associated advisor...Read More

  • UP Board Syllabus for Class 11

    To impart quality education to the entire state, the board of high school and intermediate education, Uttar Pradesh (UPMSP) modifies its syllabus from time to time. The board has conducted extensive research and based on that, it has introduced an updated syllabus in 2000. The board also maintains a state-of- the-art learning environment and updated infrastructure. Severa...Read More

UP Board Syllabus by Subject

  • UP Board Math Syllabus

    Math is a basic subject which is taught from kindergarten level. This subject is widely used in real life. From purchasing groceries to making recipes we use math. We use math in our daily activities. Math is that kind of subject through which we can understand the world around us. This subject mostly deals with various concepts and formulas and it demands a step-by-step under...Read More

  • UP Board Science Syllabus

    Science is a basic subject which is included in the curriculum from the junior class. This vast subject helps us to know our world in a better way. This subject is referred as a systemic process to acquire detailed expertise about the real world. It deals with logic and reasoning and makes us informed about the real fact behind every incident. The word ‘Science’ means knowl...Read More

  • UP Board Physics Syllabus

    Physics is a popular subject of science and it deals with energy and matter. The subject is related to light, electricity, motion, radiation, gravity, etc. Classical and modern are two important parts of physics. Additionally, physics deals with matters which are related to particles and galaxies. This subject has different branches that are related with specific discipline...Read More

  • UP Board English Core Syllabus

    Uttar Pradesh Board of Education takes care the educational process for classes I to IX along with the High School Examination and Intermediate Examination. The Board successfully maintains the updated syllabus for each subject. English is a vital subject, and the board follows an updated syllabus for each class. The curriculum is evaluated by the expert profession...Read More

  • UP Board Chemistry Syllabus

    Chemistry is an important subject which deals with structure, composition and properties of matter. This subject comes under physical science. It is mainly related with atoms and their interactions with each other. Most importantly, it is all about the chemical bonds that happen between two atoms. According to etymology, the word ‘chemistry’ originated from ‘Alchemy’.  C...Read More

  • UP Board Social Science Syllabus

    Social science is an important academic discipline and it enables students to understand their society in a better way. The term ‘social science’ refers to the science behind social facts. In short, it is all about our society and human nature. History, geography and civics come under this subject. It gives us the required knowledge about our society. It has vast su...Read More

  • UP Board English Literature Syllabus

    English is the only language which is extensively used in different fields. It is widely used in different parts of the world including Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and other places. Though this language is used as a second language in India, it is used in different areas like business, information technology, aviation and many more. Resear...Read More

UP Board Best Sellers

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