UP Board Syllabus for Science

Science is a basic subject which is included in the curriculum from the junior class. This vast subject helps us to know our world in a better way. This subject is referred as a systemic process to acquire detailed expertise about the real world. It deals with logic and reasoning and makes us informed about the real fact behind every incident. The word ‘Science’ means knowledge in Latin. According to etymology, the word ‘science’ originated from the word ‘Scientia’. Generally, math, chemistry, physics, biology, geography and computer come under science. Additionally, in a broad way, Earth Science, Cognitive Science, Formal Science, Astronomy, Environmental Science are some important branches which deal with the specific subject.

The board of high school and intermediate education, Uttar Pradesh (UPMSP) follows an updated syllabus for Science in each class. This subject is well designed by a number of proficient professionals who are associated with this board. Based on current education demands, the syllabus is amended after a certain interval.
UP Board Syllabus for Science by Class

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