UP Board English Core Syllabus for Class 12

UP Board Syllabus for Class 12 English Core

English syllabus for the UP Board intermediate level -

English Prose

  • One explanation among three different passages (4 marks)

  • Comprehension questions need to be attempted among two passages (4 marks)

  • Two questions need to be attempted among three short answers type questions (4 marks)

  • Use of words (2 marks)

  • One needs to be attempted among two long answer type questions (6 marks)


  • Combining of sentences (2 marks)

  • Transformation of sentences (2 marks)

  • Direct and indirect narration (2 marks)

  • Correction of sentences (2 marks)



  • Antonyms of two words- (1 mark)

  • Synonyms of two words- (1 mark)

  • Substitution of word ( two groups)- (1 marks)

  • Homophones-(1 marks)


  • Transalate from English to Hindi- (5 marks)

  • Translate from Hindi to English- (10 marks)



  • One essay for 250 words among 4-5 different topics (10 marks)

  • Application Writing or Letter Writing (5 marks)

    Unseen Passage


  • Comprehension questions along with the insertion of appropriate title and summary and the explanation of italicized words.(5 marks)

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