Tripura Board

Based on the act known as the Tripura Board of Secondary Education Act, 1973, the Secondary Education Board (TBSE) was established to serve the fundamental needs of education of the entire state. This Board actively started functioning on 1st January, 1976 and is still run by a Governing Body. The inception of this Board has met the basic educational demands of the citizens of the state, as earlier the entire educational activities including the school final and the Higher Secondary examinations were taken care of by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. It was constituted with different committees which are still headed by the President. Before starting its functioning, the Board surveyed the market demands and based on that , it included the curriculum and syllabus. It also adopted other guidelines for conducting smooth administrative work.

The first three public examinations like the School Final Examination ( Old System), the Madhyamik Pariksha (Secondary Examination) (New system) and the Higher Secondary Examination with the old system were conducted by this Board in 1976. Later, the Higher Secondary Examination with the new system was started in 1978. Within a short span of time, the Board adopted several up- to date measures and hence, it distinctly conducts two major public examinations such as the Secondary and the Higher Secondary examinations with the modified syllabus based on the NCF, 2000 guidelines which were implemented in 2006. To meet job oriented demands, the vocational courses along with general courses have been included by this Board in its curriculum since 1981. The Madhyamik Madrassa Education is also being monitored by this Board since 2009.

To maintain an advanced educational aspect , the Board has used the centralized Evaluation system since the beginning. Several schools spread through the state are affiliated to this reputed Board. The Board looks after the administrative work, and also supervises the exams of these schools. The Board mainly focuses on providing quality and uniform education to the entire state. Apart from its several inspiring activities, the Board also provides scholarships which help the needy candidates in getting education. Additionally, the board maintains an affordable fees structure which is clearly mentioned in the official website.