Tripura Board Syllabus

Since the inception of the Tripura Board of Secondary Education, the state has achieved development in all aspects as the board plays a vital role in advancing education in the state and hence, it is counted as among the most highly educated states in India. The board is run by an active governing body. Since the beginning, the board has taken an initiative to conduct public examinations along with an updated syllabus. Earlier, the old exam system was followed for the School Final Examination and the Higher Secondary Examination. Later, on the board did substantial research and based on that, it adopted the new exam system which was first introduced in the Higher Secondary level in 1978.

According to the NCF 2000 guidelines, an updated syllabus is being followed by this board. It runs vocational courses along with the revised syllabus. The curriculum of the subjects offered by this board has been updated from time to time by the experts. The board offers three streams including Liberal Arts, Science and Commerce. Supplementary exams are also available for the student's convenience.

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