Tamilnadu Board Syllabus

Tamilnadu is one of the most literate cities in India and the literacy rate is approx 80.33% according to the record of the past year 2011 which is above the national average. In a survey Tamilnadu ranked number one among the all Indian states with about 100% Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) in the both primary and upper primary education.
This is obvious due to the study pattern in the state that is based upon the national level pattern with 12 years of schooling i.e. 10 + 2 + 3, including eight years of elementary education, five years of primary and three years of middle school education. The higher secondary school certificate enables students to pursue their study in either university or in college’s in general academic streams and also in technical courses for the higher education.
Tamilnadu board of secondary education came into existance in 1910 and since then this is continuously working upon the welfare of the education system and it proved it as the highest literacy is in the Tamilnadu state all over the India. The board evaluates the student’s performance and progress by conducting two board examinations that are for the 10th board and for the 12th class board.
For the preparation of these exams the syllabus is the initial part to start with. The brief evaluating Syllabus for Tamilnadu Board for the standards 10th and 12th is available here on our portal and students can make a mind set after getting the syllabus that how and on what they should prepare for the examination. The medium is English and Tamil as said above for the students of the state, the TamilNadu Board Syllabus provided here for the students is in the English so that it would be beneficial for the students outside Tamilnadu and the entire students feel free to access that.

Tamilnadu Board Syllabus by class

  • Tamilnadu Board Syllabus for Class 12

    Without getting the syllabus of the subjects the preparation for the final session of that subject is out of sense. With this thought, we are providing the class 12 Tamilnadu Board syllabus on our portal. From the three streams in 12th standard Commerce, Arts and Science students cans elect one stream and have to choose the optional subject as per their interest. ...Read More

  • Tamilnadu Board Syllabus for Class 10

    When we move according to the class 10 Tamilnadu Board syllabus this would get must that students prepare for the examination as the steps provided here. There are number of areas in which students are needed to be focused and this is the reason of providing a number of subjects in the 10th standard. High percentage is the dream of each student and to get that stu...Read More

  • Tamilnadu Board Syllabus for Class 8

    Syllabus is always important for the students. Tamilnadu Board class 8 syllabus is designed with a motive to derive the learning habits, Knowledge and keeping the things in mind so that for the future prospects this would be beneficial. Class 8th is the basis to derive the good potential in the students and students are always suggested to do their study according...Read More

  • Tamilnadu Board Syllabus for Class 9

    A well thought Syllabi are crucial to cultivate the talent of the students and the education quality. Tamilnadu Board Class 9 Syllabus also fit in the modern inclinations in science and technology, to fulfill the social needs of future and to enhance the ability of the students. This Syllabus for Class 9th Tamilnadu Board is framed by the Education Specialists and...Read More

  • Tamilnadu Board Syllabus for Class 11

    One can not do their study with out knowing the syllabus of the subject. On our portal the class 11 Tamilnadu Board syllabus is available to guide the student in moving ahead and study it from the text books. The syllabus for class 11th Tamilnadu Board is usually a first thing that a student prefers then they step into a new academic year. The basic key for a smooth...Read More

Tamilnadu Board Syllabus by Subject

  • Tamilnadu Board Math Syllabus

    For the subject Maths, it is essential for students to follow the course given in Tamil Nadu Board Maths Syllabus. Mathematics is an essential tool to understand most of the subjects. The Tamil Nadu Board Maths Syllabus is now available on the site of edurite boards. Syllabus is the important thing to start the study of any subject or preparation for the competitive e...Read More

  • Tamilnadu Board Sociology Syllabus

    Sociology is the study about human society. The Tamil Nadu Board Sociology Syllabus focuses includes social classes, religion, Secularization, law and cultural specifications. It focuses on developing knowledge about human social activity. The Tamil Nadu Board Sociology Syllabus includes the Sociology research methods that are divided in two main classifications ...Read More

  • Tamilnadu Board Physics Syllabus

    Syllabus is introduced by the board in the beginning of the session so that students will manage their time accordingly. The Tamil Nadu Board Syllabus for Physics is not a big deal to have now as the syllabus is offered on the official site for the students of Tamil Nadu board. Physics is the important part of science which includes the measurements, electricity an...Read More

  • Tamilnadu Board Political Science Syllabus

    Arts can be one field of interest in considering their career option and this is considered as the easiest subject. The Tamil Nadu Board Syllabus for Political Science now available on the site of edurite boards so that students can work with the books of the political science. The study according to the Tamil Nadu Board Political Science Syllabus listed...Read More

  • Tamilnadu Board Psychology Syllabus

    Human mind and conduct is something which is dealt under the subject Psychology. Tamil Nadu Board Syllabus for Psychology offers you nearly all about different psychological subfields like clinical, biological, Cognitive, Personality, Evolutionary etc. Psychologist works over these all domains with a practical approach. Tamil Nadu Board Syllabus for Psychology ...Read More

  • Tamilnadu Board Accountancy Syllabus

    Accounts are basically the linguistics of business; it is about managing your money. The information about this linguistics is well given in Tamil Nadu Board Syllabus for Accountancy that too in an organized way. Accounting as a subject is divided in two systems namely financial accounting and management accounting. Our Tamil Nadu Board Accountancy Syllabus ex...Read More

  • Tamilnadu Board Business Studies Syllabus

    Business studies is a theoretical study about handling a business. Tamil Nadu Board Syllabus for Business Studies gives an opportunity to explore this subject Business Studies. Like every other board's syllabus, It also educate you regarding various aspects of it like staffing, directing, planning, organizing, management of business environment, nature an...Read More

  • Tamilnadu Board Biology Syllabus

    In the services of edurite boards syllabus is also one of the section and the Tamil Nadu Board Syllabus for Biology is now offered for the students on our portal of edurite boards. The literacy rate in the state Tamil Nadu exceeds the average rate of the country as per the survey conducted in the year 2011. A number of courses are provided by the board to the stud...Read More

  • Tamilnadu Board Computer Science Syllabus

    Computer Science is basically a scientific method towards Information Technology and it applications. Tamil Nadu Board Syllabus for Computer Science includes all of it and supplies you with an abundant study material and a filtered and well organized content. Syllabus avails you with a disciplined and well suited content to study. A syllabus is must in ca...Read More

  • Tamilnadu Board Economics Syllabus

    A social science that examines manufacturing, delivery and utilization of goods and services is known as Economics. Tamil Nadu Board Syllabus for Economics encompasses all the specifications of this materialistic subject. This subject is classified into two parts microeconomics and macroeconomics. The Tamil Nadu Board Economics Syllabus covers all about Macroeco...Read More

  • Tamilnadu Board English Core Syllabus

    English is not just a mere subject rather it is a language that is a need to make you competent for this world. Find our Tamil Nadu Board Syllabus for English Core on edurite portal to get a feel of the contents, it cover all the basics to make you familiar with the linguistics of English. English learning is not just a job to do rather its a process as you c...Read More

  • Tamilnadu Board Geography Syllabus

    Study of Geography is not to know about the names of different places on earth, it’s much more than that. Tamil Nadu Board Syllabus for Geography which we provide you on our edurite portal lets you know more about it. It describes about earth, its climates, its land area distribution and the various phenomena, this planet Earth has. You can to read all about it ...Read More

  • Tamilnadu Board Chemistry Syllabus

    Chemistry en-thrills you by its well known chemical reactions which are basically the transformation of one substance into another substance. Tamil Nadu Board Syllabus for Chemistry encompasses XXIII units in three different categories Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry. Organic Chemistry covers topics as Isomerism in Organic Chemistry, Hydroxy derivatives, ...Read More

  • Tamilnadu Board History Syllabus

    History means to study about past. It is to find, gather, arrange and finally to present about the development of human and different cultures. Tamil Nadu Board Syllabus for History incorporates all the relevant topics that the students of any specific standard needs to know. The persons who practice it are called as Historians, while practicing it, they focus on ...Read More

  • Tamilnadu Board Home Science Syllabus

    Students if you have an interest in knowing how to manage your home & life, Home Science is a nice option for you. Tamil Nadu Board Home Science Sample Papers are good source to know about this subject. At our edurite portal we gives you the enormous material in form of previous year question papers, mock test papers and Home Science Sample Papers for Tamil N...Read More

  • Tamilnadu Board Botany Syllabus

    To start the study once there is a need of the syllabus of the related subject and now edurite board is presenting the complete Tamil Nadu Board Botany Syllabus on the site. Botany is the part of Biology that deals with the plants anatomy, science biology, genetics etc. There are six units in which the complete Tamil Nadu Board Syllabus for Botany for the 12th clas...Read More

  • Tamilnadu Board Zoology Syllabus

    The Branch of biology speaks about the Animal Kingdom. The Tamil Nadu Board Syllabus for Zoology includes the organization, evolution, categorization, embryology, inclinations, and distribution of both living and extinct animals. Tamil Nadu Board Syllabus for Zoology gives you an opportunity to find all these about animals in a very organized and disciplined manner. ...Read More

  • Tamilnadu Board Geology Syllabus

    Ulisse Aldrovandi first uses the word geology in 1603 for the study of earth. First geological maps are drawn by William Smith (1769-1839). Tamil Nadu Board Syllabus for Geology not only covers these microscopic details but a lot much like it encompasses topics like General Geology, Structural Geology, Stratigraphy etc as the subtopics of its part-I. Part –II Tami...Read More

  • Tamilnadu Board Logic Syllabus

    The study of principles means the structural study of the subject is included in logic. The Tamil Nadu Board Syllabus for Logic will provide the complete knowledge to the students of the Tamil Nadu board. Syllabus is the essential part of any study to start with as with out syllabus study is like the move with out knowing the direction of the target. To have the bet...Read More

  • Tamilnadu Board Commerce Syllabus

    Commerce is the complete system of economy that creates an environment for business, where business is the activities of a business that aims at earning profit. Tamil Nadu Board Commerce Syllabus has taken articles of only those selected practice mans of commercial studies. Every chapter of this Tamil Nadu Board Commerce Syllabus gives you a detailed insight of e...Read More

  • Tamilnadu Board Philosophy Syllabus

    Students you must have heard about Plato, Confucius, Avicenna etc, they all are Philosophers. Tamil Nadu Board Syllabus for Philosophy enlightens you with the subject called as Philosophy which is studied by all of them. Philosophy is basically the knowledge or ideology and values of a person based not on observations rather on logical reasoning. It has nearly ...Read More

  • Tamilnadu Board Statistics Syllabus

    Study of group, arrangement, examination and interpretation of data is known as Statistics. Tamil Nadu Board Syllabus for Statistics explains you all about studying statistics in an organized manner. The content given in it includes various numerical and practical study topics to practice. Don't confuse this subject with the quantity (mean, cumulative frequency...Read More

Tamilnadu Board Best Sellers

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