Tamilnadu Board Class 10 Science Sample Papers 2012

Tamilnadu Board Sample Papers 2012 for Class 10 Science

Sample Paper
Class 10

Time Allowed : 2.30 Hours]  [Maximum Marks : 75

   This question paper contains THREE SECTIONS.

Note : (i) Answer all the 15 questions.
  (ii) Choose the correct answer from the four alternatives given in the brackets.
      15 × 1 = 15

(1) Theory of natural selection was proposed by
  (Charles Darwin,  Hugo de Vries,  Gregor Johann Mendel,  Jean Baptise Lamarck)

(2) The first vaccine injected into a just born baby is __________ .
  (Oral polio,  D.P.T.,  D.P.T. and oral polio,  BCG)

(3)In sexual reproduction of flowering plants the first event involved in this is
  (fertilization,  germination,  regeneration,  polination)

(4)The xylem in the plants are responsible for
  (transport of water,  transport of food,  transport of amino acids,  transport of oxygen)

(5)____________ green house gas which causes climate change and global warming.
    (hydrogen,  oxygen,  nitrogen,  carbon di oxide)

(6) The particles in various forms are visible only under ultramicroscope. A solution containing such particles is called ________
  (True solution,  collaidal solution,  suspension,  water)

(7) The  pH of a solution containing hydrogen ion,  concentration of 0.001m solution is __________
  (1,  3,  11,  14)

(8)Gold does not occur in the combined form. It does not react with air (or) water. It is in ________.
  (native state,  combined state,  mixed state,  gaseous state)

(9)Second group elements are called __________ .
  (alkali,  alkaline earth metals,  transition elements,  minor transition elements) 3 [§Úl×L / Turn over

(10) IUPAC name of first member of alkyne is ___________ .
  (ethene,  ethyne,  ethane,  acetylene)

(11)The weight of 50 kg person at the surface of earth is __________ .
  (50N,  35N,  380N,  490N))

(12) The potential difference required to pass a current 0.2A in a wire of resistance 20 ohm is_________ .
  (100V,  4V,  0.01V,   40V)

(13)The SI units of electric power is _________ .
  (Joule, volt, watt, coulomb)

(14)An electric current through a metalic conductor produces __________ around it.
  (heat,  light,  magnetic field,  mechanical force)

(15)The Hubble space telescope design with two __________ is known for good imaging performance over a wide field of view.
  (plane mirrors,  hyperbolic mirrors,  concave mirrors,  convex mirrors) 4

(16)Match the following : Diseases with simptoms
  (a) Nyctalopia  − Profuse loss of blood
  (b) Pernicious anemia  − Bleeding gums
  (c) Scurvy  − Night blindness
  (d) Haemorrhage  − Destruction of RBC

(17)Identical twins are syngenic with similar chromosomal contents. Natural clones are those who possess identical chromosomes. Fill up with suitable word given in brackets.
  (i) Identical twins are _____________ (natural clone,  induced clones)
  (ii) Identical twins are ____________(dissimilar to each other,  similar to each other)
(18)Human brain and the functions of different parts are given above. Mark the diagram  (a) and (b)
  (a) seat ofsmell (b) seat of vision

(19)Correct the statement if they are wrong.
  (a) Alpha cells produce insulin and beta cells produce glucogon
  (b) Cortisone supress the immune reponse
  (c) Thymus gland is a lymphoid mass
  (d) Ovary produces eggs and androgen

(20)Based on relationship fill in the blanks :
  Thyroxine____________ personality harmone.
  Adrenalin ____________ .

(21)Draw the diagram and label the parts.
(22)Write the three important parts of uriniferons tubules.

(23)Observe the diagram
  (a) Mention the type of movements shown in Fig A and B.
  (b) How does the movement differ from the movement of mimosa.

(24)Based on relationship fill up :
  Whale  :  Baleen plates.   Bat  :  ________________ .

(25)Fill in the blanks :
  Excretory organ  − Excretory products  − Sent out as
  (1) Kidneys  − _______________  − _________________
  (2) Lungs  − _______________  − _________________

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