Tamilnadu Board Class 10 English Core Sample Papers 2005

Tamilnadu Board Sample Papers 2005 for Class 10 English Core

Sample Question Paper – 2005

Time : 2 ½ hours



Maximum Marks : 100

I.Rearrange the following in logical sequence and rewrite in a paragraph using connectors wherever necessary 5+5
1. Grandfather caught hold of the Ostrich’s wings
2. He became exhausted and the ostrich was upon him
3. All of a sudden, the ostrich took to his heels
4. Both the men and the ostrich kept on circling
5. The ostrich closed in after him.

II.Read the given passage and answer the questions given below in a sentence or two

His mother had picked up a piece of the fish, and was flying across to him with it. He leaped out eagerly, tapping the rock with his feet, trying to get nearer to her as she flew across. But when she was just opposite to him ,abreast of the ledge, she halted, her legs hanging limp, her wings motionless ,the piece of fish in her beak almost within the reach of ‘ his ‘ back .He waited a moment in surprise ,wondering why she did not come nearer, and then, maddened by hunger ,he dived at the fish. With a loud scream he fell outward and downward into space. His mother had swooped upwards. As he passed beneath her he heard the swish of her wings. Then a monstrous terror seized him and his heart stood still .He could hear nothing .But it only lasted a moment. The next moment he felt his wings spread outward.

1. What was the problem of ‘The Young Seagull ‘?
2. What was the plan of the ‘mother seagull’?
3. Did the mother succeed in her plan?
4. Pick out any two words / phrases associated with flying
5. What made the eagerness of the young seagull change into surprise?

III .Answer any two of the following in essay of 200 words :

1. ‘Wisdom comes with the age ‘ – Elucidate with reference to the story ‘An Old man’s Ageless Wisdom ‘.
2. Write an essay on the clues that helped Sherlock Homes to solve the mystery of missing proofs.
3. Imagine that you were one of the students who had an encounter with the bear and narrate your experience.
4. Narrate how Sivagami was able to bring about a change in the attitude of her father in the story ‘Clear Sky’.          2 x 10 = 20


IV.Write a Precis of the following passage reducing it to one third of its length

Of course, humans live in symbosis with trees too: trees take in the carbon dioxide people and their machines make and turn it into needed oxygen. And we plant and care for trees in return for the any benefits they confer on us. In some countries researches are now experimenting with agro-forestry-the planting of crops between rows of special trees.Gliricidia Sepium,for example, is a Central American tree that grows well even in poor ,dry soil it produces leaves that farmers can feed to cattle, and has roots they enrich the soil with nitrogen. The trees protest crops from wind and prevent soil erosion. When cut for firewood, they sprout new growth from the remaining stem. trees are a link to the past and bridge to the future.

V.Study the graph below and answer the questions
Questions: -
1. What does the graph represent?
2. Which year has the lowest performance?
3. The increase in export during the last year is greater than the total export during …. Complete
4. What does each bar represent
5. Which year had the maximum increase in exports from the previous year ?


Read the following passage and complete the notes given below

In the Serengeti Natioanl Park, which was established sixty years ago in the heart of Africa, one can have the last glimpse of the old, Wild Africa as it was before the coming of Europeans. In the Serengeti grass is life and the herds of different species of animals are always on the move looking for new pastures .The wild beasts have multiplied to about two million .During the seasonal migration, the animals march in columns from horizon and take three days and nights to cross this Tanzanian plains.

VI.Rewrite each of the following sentences correctly

1) He flap his wings
2) Principal heard the grating sound of metal against wood
3) One day Sivagami told to her father about Susai’s request
4) Mr.Hamel wrote in the board ‘Long Live France’
5) His need for rice and provisions made him to decide to sell the bananas.

VII .Read the given poem and answer the questions given below :

May there always be tigers
In the Jungles and tall grass
May the tiger’s roar be heard
May his thunder
Be known in the land
At the forest pool, by moonlight
May he drink and raise his head
Scenting the night wind
May he crouch low in the grass
When the herdsmen pass,
And slumber in dark caverns
When the sun is high
May there always be tigers
But not so many, that one of them
Might be tempted to come in to my room
In search of a meal.

Questions: -

i)What is the poem about ?
ii)What happens when the herdsmen appear ?
iii)What does the tiger do during noon ?
vi)How do the first four lines differ from the last four lines ?
v)What are the places frequented by tigers ?


Paraphrase the Poem given below :
Last night, as I lay sleepless
In the summer dark
With window open to invite a breeze
Softly a firely flew in
And circled round the room,
Twinkled at me from floor or well
Ceiling, never long in one place,
But lighting up little spaces ………
A friendly presence ,dispelling
The settled gloom of an unhappy day
And after it had gone; left
The window open, just in case
It should return.

VIII.Write a letter to the Executive Engineer of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board complaining about frequent disturbances in the supply of electricity


Write a letter to your cousin explaining what made you opt for the science / commerce group in your higher secondary course.


Write a letter to the Director of a computer school enquiring the procedure for joining a part time course.

IX.Build up a dialogue between a lady and a shop keeper regarding the purchase of sewing machine 5


Complete the dialogue with at least five exchanges
Mr X : Good morning sir,I want to open a new savings Bank Account

Banker : Good Morning. Go through this application.

Mr X : ………………………………

X.Read the given passage and prepare an attractive advertisement

Solar & Co interested in buying old furniture preferably more than 50 years old. Down cash payment contact Phone ______________.Even on Sundays the company functions.

XI.Expand the idea contained in the following statement in about 100 words

10.Many a drop make an ocean


All that glitters is not gold

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