Tamilnadu Board Syllabus for Class 12

Without getting the syllabus of the subjects the preparation for the final session of that subject is out of sense. With this thought, we are providing the class 12 Tamilnadu Board syllabus on our portal. From the three streams in 12th standard Commerce, Arts and Science students cans elect one stream and have to choose the optional subject as per their interest. The science students have to study the subject Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics or Biology. All the subjects have their own different topics which are related to the practical application. In Chemistry students get to know about the three types of Chemistry named Physical, Organic and Inorganic chemistry. The Tamilnadu Board class 12 syllabus for Physical chemistry includes the topics of Thermodynamics, Chemical kinematics, Electro chemistry and the solid state of the compounds. The chapters involved in these topics are described in the syllabus for class 12th Tamilnadu Board of chemistry. All the topics of Ethers, Carbonyl acids, bio molecules, carbonyl compounds etc. are well described in the class 12 Tamilnadu Board syllabus of organic chemistry.
Students are more conscious in the 12th standard towards their study as this percentage will be included in every field. If Chemistry would be the stream of the students in their college then these concepts definitely would be beneficial and important for the students. This is for the all subjects as the Tamilnadu Board class 12 syllabus provided on the portal is for all the streams and for all the subjects. This portal is named as edurite boards on which the complete study material needed in the examinations is listed in well defined manner. A good collection of question papers and the text books are also there. While dealing with the edurite boards, it does not matter that in which standard you are studying. For the further information students can see edurite boards including the syllabus for class 12th Tamilnadu Board.


Tamilnadu Board Syllabus for Class 12 by Subject

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