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From the beginning, Books is like a friend for the students when we talk about education it is of big importance as it acts as a repository of knowledge and information on the subject it is written on. The various Tamil Nadu Board Accountancy Text Books about which we post at our site were to help the students with their accountancy preparation. Accountancy is the subject which students can understand only when they study it from Tamil Nadu Board Accountancy Text Books as there are lots of fundamentals which can only be understood by reading from books. The list of Accountancy Books for Tamil Nadu Board that students find at our site are selected by experts after going through the books and finding whether they are compatible to the accountancy syllabus of Tamil Nadu board or not. If the students follow our list of books then they will get to read well acclaimed books on accountancy by eminent professor of the subject. Accountancy contains the lots of statements whose description can only be found in Tamil Nadu Board Accountancy Text Books. 
As we already said that this subject requires practice that’s why we have provided the sample papers and previous year papers of the subject at our site. The Tamil Nadu Board Accountancy Text Books contains the topic like – understanding the meaning and definition of depreciation recognize the format of trading account, Contra Entries, Debit and Credit, profit and loss account and balance sheet, recalls the meaning, significance and purpose of financial statement, current ratio, liquidity ratio and other topics of accountancy syllabus. Tamil Nadu Board Accountancy Text Books also contains the chapters like rectification of error, Bank reconciliation statement, Final Account with adjustment etc which is easy to understand only from books. The Accountancy Books for Tamil Nadu Board we post provide good knowledge and information about the subject thus increasing their confidence level and interest on the accountancy subject, which would help them to take the subject during their higher studies or in their career. As students may have questions on the accountancy subject so we also post answers to all students’ questions at our site by experts.


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