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Textbook is a convenient learning tool that imparts adequate knowledge to students. Textbooks are something that students generally start to use from kindergarten level. Hence, they become familiar with this learning aid. This medium of learning is extensively used in schools and colleges. It not only gives requisite expertise to students, but also guides teachers to complete the entire syllabus in a stipulated time. These books are subject-specific and well-designed to serve specific demands of students. Different boards use different textbooks and these are assessed by concerned subject experts from time to time. Most importantly, these books are amended at regular intervals and offer up-to-date information to keep students updated in relevant aspect.

Samacheer Kalvi has done required research before prescribing any textbooks for students. Keeping in mind the basic educational demands, this new system offers appropriate text books for each class. It maintains uniform education system in the entire state of Tamil Nadu and to keep up this process, same syllabus and same textbooks are implemented in schools situated in Tamil Nadu. The textbooks prescribed by Samacheer Kalvi contain quality content on different topics. These books are designed in a comprehensive manner so that students of any social and cultural background can get required information to resolve their queries.

Samacheer Kalvi Text books by class

  • Samacheer Kalvi Text books for Class 12

    Textbooks are the most favored learning resource among students as well as teachers. It is diversely used by the readers to obtain knowledge. Whether learning a subject, reading a story or a poem, textbooks provide knowledge, suggestions and instructions in different forms to learners of any age group. Generally, textbooks are written in simple language so that readers ...Read More

  • Samacheer Kalvi Text books for Class 10

    Textbooks are the one and only learning resource that help students to complete their entire curriculum within the given time frame. It has been observed that in textbooks, subject matters are explained in a better way as compared to other study materials. Samacheer kalvi books are designed with an objective to provide thorough understanding of each subject to students....Read More

  • Samacheer Kalvi Text books for Class 6

    Textbook offers requisite knowledge on different subjects. This is a useful learning resource with which students become familiar from their kindergarten level. It is referred to as a beneficial learning tool and it is extensively used by teachers and students in schools and colleges, as well. Textbooks impart subject oriented expertise to students in a systematic manne...Read More

  • Samacheer Kalvi Text books for Class 7

    Textbook is an essential learning resource and it imparts adequate subject oriented knowledge to students of different classes. It is extensively used by both teachers and students. These books are subject-specific and contain required information in each subject. Important topics are included in these books and these books are generally evaluated by the concerned educa...Read More

  • Samacheer Kalvi Text books for Class 8

    Textbook is a useful learning tool and it is noticeably used by teachers and students in schools and colleges. Textbook is subject-specific and it imparts required information about different subjects. These books not only impart essential information to students but also guide them to complete their entire syllabus on time. Relevant questions and answers are also incor...Read More

  • Samacheer Kalvi Text books for Class 9

    Textbooks are considered reliable learning guides for teachers. It is meant to provide correct information, instruction and suggestion to students of each class. Without textbooks, learning is incomplete as these provide useful knowledge to students on enormous topics and subjects. A good textbook is designed with the support of subject specialists, who are responsible ...Read More

  • Samacheer Kalvi Text books for Class 11

    Textbooks are primarily designed to give useful information to students. It covers selective and important content for each grade. Textbooks are meant to give students maximum knowledge and information on specific topics. In textbooks, content is included in a sequential manner so that students can start their studies properly. By using textbooks, students prepare usef...Read More

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