Rajasthan Board Syllabus

The Board of secondary Education Rajasthan has a progressive record in maintaining quality education since its inception. The Board adopts dynamic systems to carry out its academic activities. Almost 32 districts of Rajasthan come under the Board. Apart from conducting examinations, the Board publishes results and prescribes text books for each class based on current demands. It organizes several activities for a student's overall development. It offers scholarships to students and also provides recognition to teachers by providing Centrally Sponsored National Award for the use of ICT.

The Board follows an updated syllabus for all exams including Secondary School Examination(+10), Senior Secondary Examination (10+2), Praveshika Pariksha ( Sanskrit Shiksha +10 level), Varishtha Upadhayay Parisksha (Sanskrit Shiksha 10+2 level). To promote academic excellence, the Board conducts Science Talent Search Examination at the state level. This exam is conducted for regular students.

For the Secondary level, the core subjects included are Hindi, English, Rajasthan Adhayyan, Third language ( one out of eight language), Social Science, Science, Mathematics, Physical and Health Education, Art Education, Foundation of Information Technology, S.U.P.W.& C.S. For Praveshika Examination, the core subjects are Hindi, English, Sanskrit(special), Rajasthan Adhayyan, Social Science, Science, Mathematics, Foundation of Information Technology, Physical and Health Education, Art Education and S.U.P.W.& C.S.

For Varishtha Upadhayay Parisksha, the compulsory subjects are Hindi, English, Rajasthan Adhayyan. Sanskrit Vangmaya is included as optional subject. Among the Ved Group, Darshan Group and Shastra Group, students can choose any one. Rigveda, Krishna Yajurveda, Shukla Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharvaveda are included in the Ved Group. In Darshan Group, Nyaya Darshan, Meemansa, Vedanta Darshan, Jain Darshan, Nimbarka Darshan, Vallabha Darshan, Samanya Darshan are included in the syllabus. Vyakaran Shastra, Sahitya Shastra, Purana Itihas, Jyotish Shastra, Dharma Shastra, Purohitya Shastra, Vastu Vigyanam, Samudrik Shastra are included in the Shastra Group. Apart from these, the main optional subjects in this exam are Political Science, English, Hindi, History, Economics, Sociology, Geography, Home Science, Drawing, Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science, Hindi Shorthand and Hindi Typing, English Shorthand and English Typing.

At the Senior Secondary Level, Hindi, English and Rajasthan Adhayyan are included as compulsory subjects. Students can take Arts, commerce, Science and Agriculture stream as per their preference. In each stream, students need to choose any three subjects among the offered subjects.

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