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Followed by an administrative order in 1973, the Government of Rajasthan established the Rajasthan State Textbook Board. It is an autonomous body and got its registration under the registration of societies Act, 1958. This specific Board started functioning on 1st January,1974. The Board takes care of the printing and distribution work of text books from classes I to VIII. With the association of the state Government, the Board conducts research and based on that it prescribes text books for each class. The Rajasthan State Textbook Board has adopted an innovative scheme named the ' free distribution of text books in Government Schools' and through this scheme, text books are available at the gram Panchayat nodal kendras in all districts of Rajasthan. The Board has its own distribution Centres which are located in 33 districts in the state. Registered book sellers make text books available at the government affiliated schools and private institutions.

The Board has gradually spread its functioning, and started the distribution and printing work of text books for classes IX to XII. Followed by an order of the state Government p5(8) Edu.-1/Ele.Edu./2010dated 27.9.2010, this Board has adopted this new task. Presently, the Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan monitors the curriculum and amends the syllabus as per current requirements. According to the syllabus, the Board grants the relevant text books, as well.

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  • Rajasthan Board Text books for Class 12

    Textbook is a widely used learning aid and most students prefer to use this rather than online resources. Textbook is largely used in schools and colleges and students rely on this in terms of getting reliable information on different topics. It is inexpensive and effective, as well. Textbooks guide both teachers and students and represent the standard of the concerned ...Read More

  • Rajasthan Board Text books for Class 10

    Textbook is a convenient tool to impart thorough knowledge to students. This useful learning aid is used since the ancient time. Textbooks are quite useful and inexpensive and hence, these are widely used in schools and colleges. These are subject-specific and also contain the required tips to complete the entire syllabus on time. These books are modified by the concern...Read More

  • Rajasthan Board Text books for Class 9

    Textbook is the most important learning tool as it not only gives us the required content but also shows us the right way to learn. It is extensively used in schools and colleges. Students and teachers both use textbooks as these are useful and inexpensive. It is also known as a beneficial instructional aid which makes the teaching and learning process easy and effectiv...Read More

  • Rajasthan Board Text books for Class 11

    Experts suggest that textbooks are sometimes referred as “the teacher in print”. It gives the subject-specific knowledge in a summarized manner. It presents the prescribed syllabus which is chosen by the concerned board. It has been seen that textbooks are widely used in schools and colleges as students prefer to use these learning tools the most. It is said that a tex...Read More

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