Rajasthan Board Philosophy Syllabus for Class 12

Rajasthan Board Syllabus for Class 12 Philosophy



1. Nature and Schools of Indian Philosophy :


Some basic issues : Rta, Karma, Four Purusarthas : Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksa


2. Philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita:


Karma Yoga (Anasakta Karma), Svadharama, Lokasamgraha


3. Buddhism, Jainism


Four noble truths and eight-fold path; Theory of dependent origination. Anekantavada

and syadvada.


4. Nyaya - Vaisesika and Samkhya – Yoga


Nyaya theory of Pramanas, Vaisesika Theory of Padarthas , Samkhya Theory of Three

Gunas, Yoga- The Eight-fold Practice


5. Advaita Vedanta


The nature of Atman, Brahman and the world.




6. Knowledge and truth


Rationalism, Empiricism and Kant’s Critical Philosophy


7. The Causal Principle


Nature of Cause : Aristotle’s theory of four-fold causation cause-effect relationship:

entailment, regularity and succession. Theories of causation


8. Nature of Reality


Proofs for the existence of God:-Ontological, Teleological and Cosmological arguments.


9. Realism and Idealism

Mind-Body Problem


C. Applied Philosophy


10. Environmental Ethics and Professional Ethics


Study of Physical, Mental and Spiritual Environments, Medical and Business Ethics.

Philosophy of Education


Suggested References:


1. John Patrick Introduction to Philosophy

2. John Hospers Introduction to Philosophical Analysis

3. D.M. Datta and S.C. Chatterjee Introduction to Indian Philosophy

4. M. Hiriyanna Essentials of Indian Philosophy

5. A.C. Ewing Fundamental Questions of Philosophy

6. H. Titus Living issues in Philosophy

7. C.D. Sharma A Critical Survey of Indian Philosophy

8. William Lillie An Introduction to Ethics

9. S.R. Bhatta and Anu Mehrotra : Buddhists Epistemology

10. S.R. Bhatt Knowledge, Values and Education, Gyana

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