Rajasthan Board Persian Syllabus for Class 11

Rajasthan Board Syllabus for Class 11 Persian

Time : 3.15 Hours

Total marks : 100



An unseen passage of 150 works followed by some questions to test comprehension. (7 marks may be allocated for testing comprehension, 2 marks for vocabulary, and 1 mark for providing a suitable heading)

10 Marks


(i) Letter writing (personal)

(ii) Paragraph writing (100-125 words) in Persian

(iii) Summarizing Story of lesson in Persian /Urdu/English/Hindi

20 Marks


(i) Parts of speech

(ii) Infinitives

(iii) Aoristis

(iv) Correction of simple sentences

20 Marks




(i) Five out of six question based on the text to test comprehension.


(ii) 4-5 short type question based on one out of two extracts

taken from the prescribed lesson.


(iii) One out of two long answer type questions

30 Marks




(i) Reference to context two out of three


(ii) Long question to test factual comprehension and interpretation


(iii) Two Short answer type question based on prescribed poems

20 Marks



Prescribed Book :


1. Farsi-wa-DastoorPart I, Kitab-e-Awwal (1997) by Dr. Zahrae- Khanlari (kia).

Published by Idarah-e-Adabyate-Dilli. 2009 Sasimjan Street, Delhi-110006


Lessons to be studied :


A. Prose No. : 1, 2, 3, 4,5,6,7,8,9,10

B. Poetry No. 11-12


2. Ammozih-e-Zaban-e-Farsi Part IV , Dr. Yadullah Samarch

Published by Intesharate, Beanul Milai Al Hoda, Iran Culture Home, New Delhi


Lessons to be studied :


A. Prose No. : 1, 2, 3

B. Poetry No. 4,5


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