Rajasthan Board Gujarati Syllabus for Class 11

Rajasthan Board Syllabus for Class 11 Gujarati

Time : 3.15 Hours

Total marks : 100



An unseen passage of 150 words followed by questions



(i) Report-Writing for Newspapers

(ii) Precis writing (approximately in 1/3 rd of the given length)

(iii) An Essay on current topic in 200/250 words.



(i) Transformation of Sentences

(Interrogative; Negative; Exclamatory)

(ii) Formation of Words: 04

(Samanarthi; Viruddharthi from the prescribed lesions only)

(iii) Correction of Sentences

(iv) Idioms (from the prescribed lessons)

(v) Proverbs (from the prescribed lesions)

(vi) Punctuation marking in a small paragraph



Prose :


(i) Critical appreciation, Comprehension (4 short questions)


(ii) Explanation with reference to context (who said to whom,

when & why, name of the lesson)


(iii) Two essay type question (out of 4)



Poetry :


(i) Explanation with reference to the context from the 06

prescribed poems (4questions).


(ii) Critical Appreciation (Given lines, Bhavarth Explanation)

any two out of four).


(iii) Ras darshan of a complete poem.


(iv) Short questions out of the prescribed poems

(Three out of five question)




Prescribed Books :


Gujrati (Dwitiya Bhasha) Std. XI Gujarat Rajya Shala Pathya Pustak

Mandial “Vidhyayan” Sector 10A, Gandhi Nagar (Edition 2004) Gujarat.


Lessons to be studied :

No. : 2, 6, 8, 10, 12, 22, 24, 26, 28, 33


Poems to be studied :

No. : 1,5, 7 11, 13, 15, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 31

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