Rajasthan Board English Optional Syllabus for Class 11

Rajasthan Board Syllabus for Class 11 English Optional

Time : 3.15 Hours

Total marks : 100


1. Reading (an unseen passage and a poem)

(a) A passage for comprehension with some exercise and vocabulary of about 300 words 12


(b) An extract from a poem of about 14-15 lines questions will

be such as word formation and inferring word meaning

and explanation or summary of it.

20 Marks

2. Writing

(a) An essay out of three on argumentative / discursive /

reflective/or descriptive topic (150 words)

(Students should be taught all kinds of essays. Any one can be asked)


(b) A composition such as an article, a report. a speech

(100 words)

(Students should be taught all kinds of compositions. Any one can be asked)


(c) Formal Letters/applications and Informal letters.

(Formal letters : to the editor giving suggestions, opinions on an

issue of social or public interest. Informal letters: personal letters

(Students should be taught all kinds of letters. Any one can be asked)

30 Marks

3. Text for detailed study



(a) A passage for comprehension of about 150 words from the

text book with short answer type questions testing deeper

interpretation and drawing infereces


(b) Two textual questions out of three (in about 80 words)


(c) Two short answer type textual questions out of three (60 words)

30 Marks




(a) One extract from the prescribed poems for

comprehension and literary interpretion


(b) Two out of three questions on the prescribed poems

for appreciation to be answered in 60- 80 words


4. Drama

One out of two questions to be answered in about 150 words

to test the evaluation of characters, events and episodes.

10 Marks

5. Fiction

(a) One textual question to be answered in about 75 words for

the analysis of characters, events, episodes and

interpersonal relationship.


(b) Two out of three textual short answer type questions to be

answered in about 40 words on content, events and episodes

10 Marks


Prescribed Books :


1. Woven words- NCERT's Book Published under Copyright

2. Drama :Arms and the Man- Bernard Shaw

3. Fiction : The Old Man and The Sea (Unabridged Novel)- E. Hemingway

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