Rajasthan Board English Core Syllabus for Class 9

Rajasthan Board Syllabus for Class 9 English Core

Total Marks : 100



1) Reading : Two unseen passages for comprehension in about 300 words for both(Besides comprehension question,lexical items should also be tested) - 20Marks


2) Writing : - 20Marks



a) Letter writing

(Informal-Personal such as to family and friends, Formal- Letters to the editor/ the principal of the school, Email - formal letters to the Principal of the school or to the editor of a Newspaper or a Magazine.

b) Writing

Short writing task in the form of dialogue or story on the basis of some hints. word limit: 50-70 words

c) Short Paragraph

speech or debate type, based on outline, one out of two with 60-80 words



3) Grammar: - 20 Marks


a) Tenses (Simple Present , Past and Future Tense) - 04Marks

b) Determiners - 04Marks

c) Modals (Can, Could, May, Might, Should, Must) -04Marks

d) Subject -Verb concord - 04Marks

e) Prepositions -04Marks


4) Text Book & Supplementary Reader 40 Marks


Prose - Beehive - 20 Marks


a) One passage from the text book for comprehension (limit 200 words) 10Marks

(Besides comprehension question, lexical items should also be tested)


b) One long answer type question (out of two, around 60 words) 05Marks


c) Two short answer type questions (out of four, around 30 words each) 05Marks


Poetry - Beehive -10 Marks


a) One out of two reference to context from the prescribed poems 04Marks

b) Two out of three short answer type questions on interpretation of

themes and ideas of the prescribe poems. 06Marks


Supplementry Reader - Moments -10 Marks


a) One out of two long answer type questions regarding character, plot or

situations occurring in the lessons. 04Marks

b) Two out of four short answer type questions. 06Marks


Prescribed Books :


1. Moments- NCERT's Book Published under Copyright

2. Beehive- NCERT's Book Published under Copyright

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