Rajasthan Board English Core Syllabus for Class 11

Rajasthan Board Syllabus for Class 11 English Core

Time : 3.15 Hours

Total marks : 100


1. Reading

Two unseen passages (around 350 words for both).

(Besides comprehension question, lexical items should also be tested)

20 Marks

2. Writing

(i) One out of two tasks - description of any event or incident, or a

process based on hints 100-120 words

(ii) One out of two composition - an article, a report. a speech

(Around 100-120 words)

(iii) One out of two letters (Business or official letters for enquiries, com

plaints, asking for information placement of a person or an order etc. or)

letter to the school authorities regarding admissions, school issues,

requirements, suitability of courses etc.

30 Marks

3. Grammar -

The questions type will include gap-filling, sentence reordering, dialogue-completion, and sentence-transformation


(i) Determiners

(ii) Tenses

(iii) Clauses

(iv) Modals

20 Marks

4. Text Books


(i) One out of two extract from the prescribed text for comprehension

(ii) Four out of six short answer type questions (around 10-15 words)





(i) One out of two extract from the prescribed poems for comprehension

and literary interpretion

(ii) Three out of four short answer type questions (around 10-15 words)



Supplementary Reader - Snapshots


(i) One out of two questions to test the evaluation of characters,

events and episodes (in about 50-60 words) 06

(ii) Two out of three short answer type questions to be answered

in about 30-40 words on content, events and episodes



Prescribed Books :

1. Hornbill - NCERT's Book Published under Copyright.

2. Snapshots - NCERT's Book Published under Copyright


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