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The Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) is a well known educational Board, that provides quality education along with a praiseworthy academic structure. The organizational structure of this Board is well set up, and it is divided into different branches. The affiliation Branch, the examination Branch and other Branches look after their respective departments and carry out their daily work. Well evaluated syllabus is the another key point of this Board. Based on current demands, the Board periodically adds new topics to the syllabus. It makes the syllabus useful for students by implementing updated information with the right method of teaching. The Board evaluates the present educational requirements from a neutral point of view, and adopts the required measures to make learning effective. The syllabus ensures that students get adequate knowledge of each subject.

The Board conducts class 10th and 10+2 examinations. The Board takes care of the curriculum from classes 1 to 8th, as well. Vocational streams are also available in this Board. The Board amends the syllabus after a certain period, and monitors the publishing activities of the required text books. It offers a well structured educational platform, which helps students explore different fields.

The 10th class syllabus, includes subjects like Punjabi, English, Punjabi History and Culture, Hindi, Science, Social Science, Urdu, Maths, Computer Science, Home Science and Sanskrit. For the 12th standard public examination, the subjects included are Environment Education,Environmental Studies,Geography, Mathematics,Psychology,Religion, Book keeping And Accountancy, Accountancy-II, Elective Punjabi, Public Administration, Physics, General English, English Elective, General Punjabi, Insurance, Fundamental Of E- Business, Economics, Business Studies II, Business Organization And Management, Business Economics And Quantitative Methods II, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Application, Computer Science, Sociology, History, Punjab History & Culture, Political Science and Philosophy.

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