Meghalaya Board Syllabus

After the inception of the Meghalaya Board of School Education in 1974, the state Government ensured that the students get the best possible learning and quality education. The Board conducts research to understand social and economic demands , and based on that, it introduces the syllabus. Since its first session, the Board has been committed to providing quality education that can enhance the potential of students. The Board controls and monitors the entire academic work, and it is associated with several expert academicians who help to prescribe the syllabus as per the current demands.

The Board conducts the Secondary School Leaving Certificate(SSLC) and Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate (HSSLC) exams. The Syllabus contains subjects that can help a student to get admission in colleges offering higher studies. In the Secondary level, the subjects included are English(general), English(core), Additional English, Bengali (MIL), Khasi, Assamese, Garo, Hindi, Nepali, Mizo, Mathematics, Science, Political Science, Economics, Computer Science, Geography, Environmental Studies, History, Health and Physical Education, History, Socially useful Productive work.

At the Higher Secondary level, the Board offers Arts, Science and Commerce streams. Additional English, English General, Bengali (MIL), Assamese , Khasi and Mizo are also available at this level. Apart from these, basic subjects are included in the streams. In any stream, students can take any three subjects among the offered elective subjects. In the Arts stream, the subjects are History Political Science, Geography, Education, Economics, Philosophy, Mathematics, Home Science, Computer Applications, Anthropology, Statistics and elective languages. Students may take an additional subject among other elective subjects. In the Science stream, the elective subjects are Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Geography, Computer Applications, Mathematics, Anthropology, Geology, Economics and Statistics. Students can take one additional subject from among the elective subjects. In the Commerce stream, the elective subjects are Accountancy, Economics, Business studies. Mathematics, Computer Applications and Entrepreneurship are some additional subjects and students can take any one among these subjects.

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Meghalaya Board Syllabus by Subject

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