Meghalaya Board English Core Syllabus for Class 11

Meghalaya Board Syllabus for Class 11 English Core

Total Marks : 100

Prose :

Selected Pieces To Be Read:


  • We’re Not Afraid to Die … If We Can All Be Together’ – by Gordon Cook and Alan Frost

  • The Ailing Planet: The Green Movements’ Role – by Nani Palkhivala

  • Giant Despair – by John Bunyan

  • The Portrait of a Lady – by Khushwant Singh

  • The White Seal Adapted and Abridged from The Jungle Book – by Rudyard Kipling

Poetry :

Selected Pieces To Be Read:


  • The Kingfisher – by W. H. Davies

  • The Striders – by A. K. Ramanujan

  • To The Pupils of Hindu College – by H. L. V. Derozio

  • Childhood – by Marcus Nattan

  • In Paths Untrodden – by Walt Whitman


* Textbook Prescribed for Prose & Poetry - Resonance Class XI (Published by - Macmillan India Ltd., S. C. Goswami Road, Pan Bazar, Guwahati)

Supplementary Reader :

Selected Pieces To Be Read (Any two)


  • On Doing Nothing – by J. B. Priestly

  • A Devoted Son – by Anita Desai

  • Talking of Space – Report on Planet Three – by Arthur C. Clarke

Textbook Prescribed: Voices Classes XI & XII (Published by - Macmillan India Ltd.)

The Prescribed Portions are:

Reading: Unseen Passages for (Comprehension and note taking in various

topics and situations)

Writing: Reports/Essays/Letters

Grammar & Usage (Used in objective format)


a) Determiners

b) Tenses

c) Active & Passive Constructions

d) Use of Idioms and Phrases

e) Transformation of Sentences

Textbook Prescribed: English Grammar & Composition (Published by - Pearson Education, 482 F. I. E. Patparganj, New Delhi – 110092)

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