Manipur Board Mizo Syllabus for Class 9

Manipur Board Syllabus for Class 9 Mizo

Name of the Text books for class IX


I) Mizo Thu Leh Hla:(Published by Thathing Bazar Press, Aizwal)


II) Mizo Nun Hlui Part-11 (Rapid Reader): (Published by Synod Communication, Aizwal)


III) Mizo Grammar and Composition: (Published by the Haublira Press. Saron Veng, Aizwal)

Selected Pieces of Mizo Thu Leh Hla:




Hun Hi

Davida Fakna Hla

Kut Hnalkawh Hlutzia

Aw hlleluia Lalpa ropui Ber

Kan Incheina

Lilipar Mawi Lal Isua Ka Nei

Fak Hlawh Lo Valrual

Zoram Awihna


Motor Kawng Laih Hla

Lemcha Thawnthu (Drama)

Lungrukah Mivei Ve Le


Mangtha Mangtha


Hnam Ka Len Nuam Mang E


Selected Pieces of Mizo Nun Hlui Part – II :


  • Mizorarnma Cheng Hmasate

  • Mizote Mirorama an luh thu

  • Khawpui Ding Hmasate

  • Kum 1700 - 1930 Inkar Mizoram a thil

  • Mizorama British lo luh thu

  • Mizo Lattin Mizoram Humtuma an beih dan

  • British Hnuai Mizoram

  • Bung II Nula leh tlangval nun

  • Bung III Mizo inneih dan

  • Bung IV Zu chungchang

  • Bung V Zawlbuk

  • Bung VI Ramhuai an hriat Dan

Mizo Grammar & Composition (Part-II) : Chapter l-14andTawngUpathenl-X(Phrases&Idioms)

Distribution of Marks :

Prose- 30




Rapid Reader-10

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