Manipur Board Bengali Syllabus for Class 10

Manipur Board Syllabus for Class 10 Bengali

The prescribed books and selected pieces are :

1.     Sahitya Sangkalam : (Published by Assam Text Book Production & Publication Ltd., Guwahati )

a) Dena Paona
b) Lui Paster
c) Palli Sahitya
d) Gandhirjir Deshe Fera
e) Birangana

a)  Arjuner Lakshyaved
b)  Samyabad
c)  Bharatbarsa
d) Can Al Na

2.      Acharya Jagadishchandra (Rapid Reader ) :
         By Dr. Parthajit Gangopadhya    (Published by Star Publication, 74 Dhandevi Khana Road, Calcutta – 54)

        Chapter : Chapter 8 to 15 - Class X

3.    Bangla Byakaran :
By Devidas Bhattacharya & Ardhendu Bandopdhya.

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