Maharashtra Board Syllabus

Maharashtra state board of secondary and higher secondary education(MHSSC) is an autonomous body of the education system in the state of Maharashtra. It was previously known as Maharashtra state board of secondary education and it is responsible for the upgrading standards of the education in the state that also introduces new innovations in the secondary and higher secondary education in Maharashtra. The main examinations that are conducted by the board are HSC (higher secondary) and SSC (Senior secondary) examinations in all over the state.

The SSC and HSC examinations are conducted by the Maharashtra board in March and the result is declared in June. For the repeating students of the Maharashtra state of higher secondary and senior secondary classes, the board of Maharashtra for secondary and higher secondary education proposes an examination for the failed students for their beneficial. This will promote the students to prepare again and students would not lose their academic year due to the failure. They just need to clear this examination.

This is the necessity for the students to clear these examinations for the secondary and higher secondary examination to promote in the next standard, so syllabus of the related subjects to the related class is the initial to prepare for the examination. The Maharashtra Board (MHSSC) Syllabus 2013 is available on our portal for all the subjects for the students who are preparing for the secondary or higher secondary examination and students can go through it easily without any problem. Since the starting for the students that how and what they should prepare for the examination syllabus plays an Important role and this would be beneficial for students, similarly a detailed summarizes.
Syllabus for Maharashtra Board 2013 is available here to get start the students with their study and prepare for the good results.


Maharashtra Board Syllabus by class

  • Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Class 12

    For the year 2012-2013 Maharashtra Board Class 12 Syllabus of PCBM for class XII is upgraded by MSBSHSE, Maharashtra board. This upgradation is done by COBSE in India. And that is why the 11th class student would not be able to prepare for their next class in their vacations. Syllabus For Class 12th Maharashtra Board for Physics includes the chapters like Circul...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Class 10

    10th standard is a board class; the board paper strictly follows this Maharashtra Board class 10 syllabus. So, it is necessary for the students to know and to thoroughly follow the complete syllabus for class 10th Maharashtra Board so as to get good marks in the board and can even grab a position in the merit list. Maharashtra board students, if you sincerely fo...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Class 3

    Syllabus is must for all the students to complete their study. For the students of Maharashtra board, the syllabus for class 3rd Maharashtra Board is presented on the portal of edurite boards. Syllabus works like a guide for the students, no matters from which standard they are studying. The class 3 Maharashtra Board syllabus guides the students to do their stud...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Class 4

    Syllabus is designed for each class to limit the course so that students can learn easily the different conceptual things. The class 4 Maharashtra Board syllabus, students can get from the portal of edurite boards. This is an important guide to the students and students cannot pass the exam of any class without having the syllabus. The syllabus for class 4th Mah...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Class 5

    Syllabus has an importance when students work according to it. The Class 5 Maharashtra Board syllabus is now a part of edurite boards page. This syllabus is provided to the students of fifth standard of Maharashtra board. Syllabus is provided to the students so that they can have an idea about how they should need to prepare. The syllabus for class 5thMaharashtr...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Class 6

    Syllabus helps in planning about what to study and when to study. The next step of how to study depends upon the strategy that a particular individual applies. Maharashtra Board class 6 syllabus tells students about what they have to study in this particular class which is just a part of the whole schooling process. Students should follow the syllabus strictly a...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Class 7

    Maharashtra board is like all other boards that have given the syllabus of all the subjects for all its classes. Maharashtra Board class 7 syllabus provided via this link is also given in a very organized and disciplined manner. Like, when students will go through the Maths syllabus for class 7th Maharashtra Board, they will learn the topics like Simple Equation...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Class 8

    Class 8th is considered as the high school class. So as students come in this class they should learn the habit of self-learning. Maharashtra Board class 8 syllabus is framed in a way that students can learn many topics on their own. All the topics that are covered in it are taken to match the international standards so that students can easily compete skill tes...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Class 9

    The students need to follow the syllabus during preparation of their subjects. The Maharashtra Board Class 9 Syllabus of several subjects that we post is to help the students of this board throughout their preparation of all subjects that is present in the of the boards class 9 curriculum. Our site provides the Syllabus for Class 9th Maharashtra Board of 1st and...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Class 11


Maharashtra Board Syllabus by Subject

  • Maharashtra Board Hindi Syllabus

    Syllabus of the subject plays an important role in giving direction to the students and that is why we are providing Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Hindi. We always recommend our students to study from the syllabus. Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Hindi is introduced before the session starts. The reason behind this is we want our students to make plan and complete ...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board Math Syllabus

    Studies according to syllabus, is the best way to cover the complete course. The Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Maths that we post for the students of Maharashtra education board, one of the most prestigious regional board of India, providing education since the mid 60’s. This board conducts exams for both class X and XII. The syllabus we upload at our site are of t...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board Science Syllabus

    The syllabus is important for students of both regional and national board. We upload the Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Science for helping the student of Maharashtra board with their studies. It act as a guide book that guides the students during their studies by letting them know what to read and what not to. This board is one of the most old and prestigious b...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board Physics Syllabus

    We post the Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Physics so that the students get help with their preparation of the physics subject and do studies according to the syllabus which is important. The Maharashtra education board is one of the old and prestigious board, providing education since 1966. Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Physics is introduced to the students at ...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board English Core Syllabus

    English is one of the subjects which are important as it affects the overall percentage of the students and thus the need for practice Maharashtra Board English Core Syllabus is important. English is divided in some categories and English core is one of them. Subject English is not only important in the schools but also important internationally as it is the f...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board Geography Syllabus

    The subject geography is very vast and includes so many topics so it essential for the students to study from Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Geography. The course is so vast so students need to study according to the course only. The Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Geography is the essential thing to start the preparation with for any examination. Syllabus is t...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board Chemistry Syllabus

    Syllabus is always of great importance during preparation of a subject and it must be followed by the students while preparing for a subject that is why we posted the Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Chemistry. Every student should try to cover the syllabus before the exams. Students must follow the Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Chemistry while preparing for a ...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board History Syllabus

    For the students, Maharashtra Board Syllabus for History with the complete description of marks is available on the portal of edurite boards. The Maharashtra Board History Syllabus includes the topics like Historical age and sources of ancient Indian History, Culture, and the important dynastic of India with north and south India. Maharashtra Board History Sylla...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board Environmental Studies Syllabus

    Environmental Studies subject consists of giving knowledge about the World Environment. Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Environmental Studies is now available on our portal of edurite boards. Students can find their syllabus related to any board, any class for the different subjects from the same portal including the Maharashtra Board Environmental ...Read More

Maharashtra Board Best Sellers

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