Maharashtra Board Syllabus

Maharashtra state board of secondary and higher secondary education(MHSSC) is an autonomous body of the education system in the state of Maharashtra. It was previously known as Maharashtra state board of secondary education and it is responsible for the upgrading standards of the education in the state that also introduces new innovations in the secondary and higher secondary education in Maharashtra. The main examinations that are conducted by the board are HSC (higher secondary) and SSC (Senior secondary) examinations in all over the state.

The SSC and HSC examinations are conducted by the Maharashtra board in March and the result is declared in June. For the repeating students of the Maharashtra state of higher secondary and senior secondary classes, the board of Maharashtra for secondary and higher secondary education proposes an examination for the failed students for their beneficial. This will promote the students to prepare again and students would not lose their academic year due to the failure. They just need to clear this examination.

This is the necessity for the students to clear these examinations for the secondary and higher secondary examination to promote in the next standard, so syllabus of the related subjects to the related class is the initial to prepare for the examination. The Maharashtra Board (MHSSC) Syllabus 2013 is available on our portal for all the subjects for the students who are preparing for the secondary or higher secondary examination and students can go through it easily without any problem. Since the starting for the students that how and what they should prepare for the examination syllabus plays an Important role and this would be beneficial for students, similarly a detailed summarizes.
Syllabus for Maharashtra Board 2013 is available here to get start the students with their study and prepare for the good results.


Maharashtra Board Syllabus by class

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