Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Science

The syllabus is important for students of both regional and national board. We upload the Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Science for helping the student of Maharashtra board with their studies. It act as a guide book that guides the students during their studies by letting them know what to read and what not to. This board is one of the most old and prestigious board of India, serving education since the year 1966. The science subject is taught up to class X in this board. The Maharashtra Board Science Syllabus covers the topics like the – food, materials, world of living, motion, natural phenomena and several other topics of the updated science syllabus. While preparing students must follow the syllabus, cause if they do not follow it then they may go wrong with their studies and will get confused as they have no idea about what topics to read for the exams. The Maharashtra Board Science Syllabus we provide are in accordance to the current science syllabus issued by Maharashtra education board, as if the student follow the old syllabus then they might get misguided while preparing the science subject.
We not only focusing on proving syllabus of Maharashtra Board Science Syllabus , but we also know that students need study materials also to understand the topics and the question papers. For the same, long with Maharashtra Board Science Syllabus, we do provide information about the books to the students and also provide sample papers to the student for practice and thus practicing with sample papers makes students to understand the topic more easily.  We keep the students up to date with our educational information, so that they don’t lag behind. The several study materials that we post are to be used by the students in their studies. Topic wise and marks distribution wise Maharashtra Board Science Syllabus can be found easily on our website.


Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Science by Class

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