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Studies according to syllabus, is the best way to cover the complete course. The Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Maths that we post for the students of Maharashtra education board, one of the most prestigious regional board of India, providing education since the mid 60’s. This board conducts exams for both class X and XII. The syllabus we upload at our site are of the updated version and in accordance to the Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Maths. Every student must follow the syllabus while preparing for a subject, as the syllabus acts as an instruction book, it guide the students with the important topic and sub-topic that one have to learn for exam. Without a perfect and correct syllabus students may go in the wrong direction with their studies, thus hampering their preparation and exam results. Some of the topics present in Maharashtra Board Maths Syllabus are sets, real numbers, algebra, graph, statistics, geometry, trigonometry, linear equation, probability and several other topics of the math’s updated syllabus. To prepare themselves perfectly, students must follow the syllabus of every subject very minutely and carefully.
Knowing Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Maths is just not enough. Maths needs lots of practice and that is the reason we are providing sample papers for the students, so that students will do practice and score good in the examination. Along with Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Maths, we also provide previous year papers, information about course books of the math subject, so that students will not waste their time in searching for materials at any other site or in the market. We provide everything related to the education. Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Maths is introduced in the beginning of the session, so that from beginning only students will be aware about what they need to learn and what they need to cover.



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