Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Class 6

Syllabus helps in planning about what to study and when to study. The next step of how to study depends upon the strategy that a particular individual applies. Maharashtra Board class 6 syllabus tells students about what they have to study in this particular class which is just a part of the whole schooling process. Students should follow the syllabus strictly and understand it thoroughly to get excellent marks in this class. It also makes a strong base for their next class. Maths syllabus for class 6th Maharashtra Board covers topics like Understanding Elementary Shapes, Whole Numbers, Basic Geometrical Ideas etc. Hindi syllabus presents the language knowledge under different sections like Hindi Grammar, Hindi Comprehension, Vasant, which includes different poems and stories to inculcate moral values in the students. Class 6 Maharashtra Board syllabus of Geography which comes under Social Science subject, makes students aware about Maps, Earth and its Motion and the terms like Longitude and Latitude, Climate and Vegetation etc. Under History, Past studies makes students aware about the different Kingdoms and Civilizations that were present in the past, how they have developed a habit of growing food from the earlier phase of gathering food; What, where, when and how many past events etc. are the questions that have been answered under this section of the Maharashtra Board class 6 syllabus. When students will explore the Science subject, they get to know about the different aspects of science that a student should aware of, related to Science and technology. Scientific explanations about themselves, their surroundings, the scientific aspects of the things present around them etc. are covered under syllabus for class 6th Maharashtra Board.
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Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Class 6 by Subject

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