Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Class 10

10th standard is a board class; the board paper strictly follows this Maharashtra Board class 10 syllabus. So, it is necessary for the students to know and to thoroughly follow the complete syllabus for class 10th Maharashtra Board so as to get good marks in the board and can even grab a position in the merit list. Maharashtra board students, if you sincerely follow class 10 Maharashtra Board syllabus you can understand every given topic conceptually that will help you not just in exam but all your life. Moreover as you know the result of this class is important and is asked whenever you apply for a job after finishing your studies so it is necessary to do your study according to the Maharashtra Board class 10 syllabus to achieve your target. All the subject books like English, Science, Hindi, Social Science and Maths are framed according to the syllabus for class 10th Maharashtra Board. Social Science is a subject which includes History, Civics and Geography; there are three different books for it in the class 10 Maharashtra Board syllabus. Enough amount of objective type questions given in it and the presentation of the information is very interesting in a way as it includes enough amount of diagrams where needed in these books which are following the Maharashtra Board class 10 syllabus.
Syllabus is important for all, either it is a student or a teacher or any institution or any other organizations which write contents for different online sites. Even that we are providing on our edurite portal also uses this syllabus for class 10th Maharashtra Board to provide information to the students of class 10th. It guides students about what to study and how much to study. It help teachers to prepare the exam paper as otherwise they could by mistake give the paper out of the syllabus for class 10th Maharashtra Board which could harm the result of the students. So anyone can not deny with the importance of the syllabus. More can be viewed on our website.



Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Class 10 by Subject
  • MAHARASHTRA BOARD Science Syllabus for Class 10

    Maharashtra Board Science Syllabus  PHYSICS : 1.Light-Reflection and Refraction: a.Reflection b.Spherical Mirrors c.Refraction Basics d.Refraction by Spherical Lenses 2.Human Eye a.Human Eye b.Dispersion and Scattering of Light 3.Electricity a.Current Electricity Basics b.Current Electricity Circuits c.Heating effect of Electric Cu...Read More

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