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Maharashtra board text books are presented on our portal of different subjects of different writers issued by the Government of the Maharashtra.

The Maharashtra board is produces continuously a reasonable growth of the intelligent students and scholars. This is one of the better systems of India; The Board of Maharashtra offers a variety of courses which offers the students different fields of their interest. The complete education is offered from the class 1st to the secondary level. The final year school exams are held in the March month and generally it is known as Secondary school certificate (SSC board). After the school education there are three fields named arts, commerce and mathematics in which students can get entrance. The higher secondary exams (abbreviated as HSC) are conducted by the Maharashtra board in these three streams. A good structure of the syllabus and text books is offered by Maharashtra board which is high on knowledge.

In the SSC exam the number of students has been steep rise over the past decade. The interested thing is that the number of the girls not only applying but also passing the examination is increasing with the flying colors. The ratio of the passing students in the SSC examination is increased by the nine percentages as compared to the previous year results. Maharashtra board is known for the giving the variety of students in the professional works and obviously the basis is the school education.

Text Books for Maharashtra Board are easy to get and accessed as they are available on our portal just a few clicks away from you. Complete described books of the writers issued by the Maharashtra board are present here so that students would get the benefit and stop waste the time for searching the books on different sites for different subjects.  


Maharashtra Board Text books by class

  • Maharashtra Board Text books for Class 12

    Class XII is the class in which students have to go through boards, normally in every state it is second time when students are giving the board. Maharashtra Board Class 12 Books are offered by edurite for the students of Maharashtra Board to help them prepare for their exams. The result which students achieve in this class decides their future as if they get good p...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board Text books for Class 10

    As we all know that books contains description of every chapters included in syllabus that is why we are introducing Maharashtra Board class 10 books for the students who are studying in Maharashtra Board affiliated schools. Students are very conscious about the class 10 exams and thus they need perfect Maharashtra Board class 10 books which will be easy to understa...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board Text books for Class 3

    The smart training of the students starts from the initial classes no matter from which board students are initiating. The Maharashtra Board textbooks for class 3 also play an important role in this self learning along with the other classes. Basically the text books of all the classes have their self importance and no one can ignore with this fact. Students start t...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board Text books for Class 4

    The Maharashtra Board textbooks for class 4 provide a basic understanding of several subjects with the skills and thoughts that they will use for the entire life. Till the 5th standard, students complete their primary class education and this primary education makes the students to face the critical situations of life. The role of books in the entire development of ...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board Text books for Class 5

    Students spent lots of time in studying from their text books in their school education. The information of the Maharashtra Board textbooks for class 5 is available now on the portal for the students of Maharashtra board 5th standard. These books will guide the students to study according to the prescribed syllabus as these Maharashtra Board class 5 books covers the...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board Text books for Class 6

    6th standard is the starting of the middle classes and to get the content of the 6th standard, the need of the Maharashtra Board textbooks for class 6 is obvious. The topics provided in the text books are based on the syllabus of 6th standard that is prescribed by the Maharashtra board. The importance of books is well known by all of us as we all have completed our ...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board Text books for Class 7

    Book contains various forms of information about the topics or domain on which it is written on. Maharashtra Board class 7 books also contain information about the relevant subject according to the syllabus decided for that subject by the education board of Maharashtra. Maharashtra Board books for class 7 of all the subjects follow the international standard to make...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board Text books for Class 8

    Till 8th class students have undergone sufficient amount of smart training which help them for the self-learning process, which is needed from this class. So Maharashtra Board class 8 books have been designed keeping in mind this aspect so that students can get motivated for it. In a way that they first try learning the concepts on their own, then only if they do no...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board Text books for Class 9

    The information about several Maharashtra Board Class 9 Books of different subjects that we upload at our site to help the students to get their required books details at our site. Every Maharashtra Board Books for Class 9 we suggests are selected by expert after matching the content of the book with the updated syllabus of the board.  The Maharashtra Board Textbook...Read More

Maharashtra Board Text books by Subject

  • Maharashtra Board Hindi Text books

    The book is one of the essential commodities that the students require for studies. That is why we post information about the Maharashtra Board Hindi Text Books at our site to help the students of the Maharashtra education board ,one of the most prominent and prestigious regional board of India providing education to students from the year 1966. Books plays important role...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board Math Text books

    Books are the most essential study material require by a student for studies. That is why we provided the information about Maharashtra Board Maths Text Books at our site for helping the students of the Maharashtra education board. The Maharashtra education board is one of the well established and eminent local education board of India, providing education to students s...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board Science Text books

    After issuing syllabus for preparation, students are required a book for doing studies. Thus we are providing the information of the Maharashtra Board Books for Science for the students getting education in the schools who are affiliated with the Maharashtra board on our web page. These Science Books for Maharashtra Board completely covers the syllabus declared by th...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board Physics Text books

    Books are essential part of the student’s life and that is the reason gives information about the Maharashtra Board Books for Physics. Students always need best and good study materials for their preparation and to score high in exams, our site try to satisfy the possible needs of the students by posting several educational information. We post the information of the...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board English Core Text books

    Studying from the books helped students to understand the concept more easily and in details and that is why students need the correct information about Maharashtra Board English Core Text Books. To help the students in this view, we have provided information about the Maharashtra Board English Core Text Books at our site so that the students can get to know about...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board Geography Text books

    Books play an important role in providing the conceptual knowledge to the students and hence we provide the information about the quality of Maharashtra Board Geography Text Books to the students. As books are one of the most essential materials require for studies, so we post information about best books on every subject at our site. The Maharashtra Board Geograp...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board Chemistry Text books

    The subject includes the deep understanding of the concepts thus study from Maharashtra Board Chemistry Text Books are helpful for the students. For preparation of final examination, we are giving suggestion to the students about the Maharashtra Board Chemistry Text Books. We are providing information about quality of books which is required by the students to do ...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board History Text books

    History is one of the interesting subject which requires study with concentration from Maharashtra Board History Text Books. The essential thing to prepare about any subject for the examination after syllabus is the appropriate material. Thus if the students are preparing for the examination of the Maharashtra board for the subject History then the Maharashtra Board...Read More

  • Maharashtra Board Environmental Studies Text books

    For the students it is necessary to know the environment we are living in and the knowledge about this can be given by Maharashtra Board Environmental Studies Text Books. Future of the country is totally based on the youth as our country is one of the countries which have a large number of youth in their population. Thus to increase the knowledge of th...Read More

Maharashtra Board Best Sellers

In order to keep pace with technological advancement and to cope up with Maharashtra Board examinations, Pearson group has launched Edurite to help students by offering Books and CDs of different courses online.