Madhya Pradesh Board Class 12 Informatics Practices Sample Papers 2013

Madhya Pradesh Board Sample Papers 2013 for Class 12 Informatics Practices

Total time: 3 Hours
Maximum Marks: 75

Instructions :
1. All questions are compulsory. Their allotted marks are represented against them.
2. All question have internal choices.

Q.1 Choose the correct answer and write in your answer book –

1. Data Models are used for -
(a) Software
(b) Database
(c) Program
(d) Coding

2. Standard Module has the extension –
(a) FRM
(b) BAS
(c) CLS
(d) DSN

3. Data List control is compatible with –
(a) DB List
(b) List
(c) Grid
(d) Key-Set

4. Which file is needed for ADODC –
(a) DNS
(c) OCX
(d) FRX

5. A special type of For Loop in PL / SQL is -
(a) Procedure - For
(b) Function - For
(c) Cursor - For
(d) Cursor

Q.2 Fill in the blanks –
(i) The command ............................ is used to display output.
(ii) A ............... function returns single result row based on the groups of rows.
(iii) Data project is created from .................. option of file menu.
(iv) Sub procedures do not have ................ value.
(v) Compact form of IF-Then-Else is .............. statement.

Q.3 State True / False –
(i) Coding phase is related to programming.
(ii) Drop command is used to drop a column.
(iii) Meta-Data is related to schema detail.
(iv) ADO and ADO.NET are same.
(v) All SQL functions could be used in PL / SQL.

Q.4 Match the following –




1. Synonyms

1. Client


2. Computer Programming

3. Browser

3. Location Transparency

4. OOM


5. Provider

5. Objective Database Connectivity


6. Back-end


7. Attribute



5. Define following terms – (4 Marks)
Entity, Entity – Set and Relationship

Write down the task of client and server.

6. Why Exit-Do is used ? Explain with example. (4 Marks)

What is SDI. Give its limitation.

7. Difference between ODBC and OLEDB. (4 Marks)

Write down error types and define them.

8. Define Join and define its types also. (4 Marks)

Write down difference between PL / SQL and SQL.

9. Explain the following – (5 Marks)
(i) Boolean Data Type
(ii) Composite Data Type.

Define SQL cursor and write down its attribute names.

10. Discuss type of For-Loop with example. (5 Marks)

Write down advantages of stored procedures.

11. Explain DBMS-Output-Put-Line. (5 Marks)

Write down difference between stored procedure and function.

12. Explain COMMIT and ROLL BACK. (6 Marks)

Explain the string and date operators of PL / SQL.

13. Explain Valid trigger types and also explain the method of Dropping Trigger. (6 Marks)

Explain in short –
(i) Data Dictionary
(ii) Data Mining

14. Explain Implicit cursor with proper example. (6 Marks)

Explain Goto statement with example.

15. Give detail of the following – (6 Marks)
(i) Limitation of RDBMS
(ii) DDL and Database level trigger
(iii) TCP / IP
(iv) Null Statement

The answers are available in the attached sheet.


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