Madhya Pradesh Board National, Social Service(NSS) Syllabus for Class 12

Madhya Pradesh Board Syllabus for Class 12 National, Social Service(NSS)

NSS (National, Social Service) syllabus for class XII of 2008-09 session

N.B. An outline of the programme of activities in this subject is suggested here for
both the classes, 50% of the programme should be covered in class XI and the remaining in class XII.




Manual work :

(A) Sweeping and cleanliness.

(B) Decoration

(C) Plantation.


Sanitation :

(A) School sanitation

(B) Domestic sanitation


Camping :

(A) Social welfare camps should be organized in



Marching & Drill :

(A) Rallies to be organized in villages and cities (with

singing national songs) for awakening the masses.


Educational Activities :

(A) To conduct literacy classes.

(B) Knowledge of saving scheme.

(C) Story telling.

(D) Knowledge of civil defense

(E) Traffic rules

(F) Newspapers.


Health Activities :

(A) To conduct First aid classes.

(B) Balance diet.

(C) Personal cleanliness.

(D) Importance of pure drinking water.


Recreational Activities :

(A) Programme of games & sports .

(B) Cultural programmes.

(C) Excursions and hikes

(D) Lectures on village - uplift.


N.B. :- Every institution should adopt a nearby village for social work if possible. Teachers will evaluate the pupils on participation in different activities and will maintain a record.

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