Madhya Pradesh Board Malayalam(Special) Syllabus for Class 9

Madhya Pradesh Board Syllabus for Class 9 Malayalam(Special)

The Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (MPBSE) had included Malayalam (special) subject in the syllabus for class IX. This subject comes under the category of other languages (special). It is also available in the other languages (general) category. The board has done required research and introduced an updated syllabus for this subject. The entire syllabus is divided into different topics and the marks are allotted according to the types of questions. The Board has prescribed 100 marks for this subject.

The syllabus for Malayalam (special) is available in the attached sheet along with the other subjects like Marathi (general), Gujarati (special), Gujarati (general), Telugu (special), Telugu(general), Tamil (special), Tamil (general), Malayalam (special), Malayalam(general), Kannada (special), Kannada (general), Sindhi (special), Sindhi (general), Punjabi (special), Punjabi (general), Bengali(general as first language), Bengali (general as third language), Oriya (special), Oriya (general), Arabic (general as third language), Persian (general), French (general), Russian (general as third language). Student can scroll the sheet to collect the required information.

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