Madhya Pradesh Board Kannada(Special) Syllabus for Class 12

Madhya Pradesh Board Syllabus for Class 12 Kannada(Special)

Kannada(Special) syllabus for class XII of 2008-09 session

Time: 3 hours
Maximum Marks: 100



Grammar -

(i) Grammar prescribed in the text book.

10 Marks



(ii) Alnakar-Yamak, Anupras, Upama, Rapak.



Composition -

(i) Translation from Hindi to Kannada

6 Marks



(ii) Precis-Writing

6 Marks



(iii) Application or letter writing on the given topic.

8 Marks



(iv) Essay-writing on the latest social, economic & scientific topics.

10 Marks



(i) Ooru Bhanga.
(ii) Kerege Haara.

(iii) Kadu Kona.
(iv) Golden Gate Parkinalli
(v) Ellora.
(vi) Pancha Nadigada Beedu.
(vii) Reverend George Ferdinand Kittal
(viii) Manavate

24 Marks



(i) Vishwa Bharatige Kannadadarti

24 Marks



(ii) Sukhajeevana




(iii) Mallige




(iv) Guri




(v) Pranigali.




(vi) Vachanamrita



Non-detailed Text Hemageete (Nord)

(i) Basara
(ii) Purandai Das

(iii) Sarvajna

12 Marks


Prescribed Books:-

(1) Kannada Gangori - Part 3
-Published by Director of State Education. Text-Book Section, Karnataka Govt. Banglore. Edition 1991

(2) Hamsgeete - write T.R. Subharao. Printed by Sharda Prakshanalaya. Banglore.

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