Madhya Pradesh Board Environmental Studies Syllabus for Class 10

Madhya Pradesh Board Syllabus for Class 10 Environmental Studies

Environmental Education & Disaster Management syllabus for class X_2007-08

Internal Examination-2007-08



Restoring Balance in Ecosystem

-Need for adopting control measures to check spoilage of landscape.


- Need for conservation and management of water integrated water shed management, recharging of ground water including rain water harvesting development of appropriate technology.


- Conservation and management of forests, grassland, and semi-arid ecosystems.


- Conservation and management of ocean resources marine and coastal eco-system, importance of coral reefs.


- Conservation and management of soil- alternate cropping, judicious use of inputs like water, fertilisers, pesticides; use of manure, bio-fertiliser and bio-pesticide; plantation and conservation of grasslandsto check soil erosion; forest conservation including Joint Forest Management (JFM),

afforestation including social forestry and agro-forestry.


- Measures to conserve wildlife-national parks, sanctuaries and bio-reserves; breeding programmes for endangered species; preventing poaching, hunting and bio-piracy; enforcement of legal provisions.


- Applications of bio-technology.


- Public awareness programmes concerning conservation of water, soil, air, forests and other resources.


- Relevance of indigenous practices.


- Tribal culture and its linkages with forest resources and their conservation.

10 Marks



- Types of pollution- air, water (fresh and marine), soil, radiation and noise.

- Sources of pollution and major pollutants; oil spills.

- Effects of pollution on- environment, human health and other organisms.

- Abatement of pollution.

15 Marks


Issues of the Environment

- Decline in forest, agricultural and marine productivity and its effect on economy.

- Resettlement and rehabilitation of people.

- Energy crisis- urban and rural sectors.

- Greenhouse effect and global warming.

- Climatic changes.

- Acid rain.

- Ozone layer depletion.

- Disaster- natural and man-made; disaster management.

15 Marks


Striving for a Better Environment

- Use of efficient and eco-friendly technology.

- Sustainable use of resources.

- Adoption of indigenous practices; sacred groves.

- Consumer education-consumer rights, making correct choices while buying different items, food adulteration.

- Community participation for ecological restoration and conservation. - Protection of wildlife; stopping of cruelty of animals.

- Enforcement of acts, laws and policies.

- Some success stories- use of CNG, Chipko Movement, water harvesting, Silent Valley and the like.

10 Marks


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