Madhya Pradesh Board English Literature Syllabus for Class 10

Madhya Pradesh Board Syllabus for Class 10 English Literature

English(General)syllabus for class X_MP Board_2008-09

Time: 3 hours
Total Marks: 100




A1,A2&A3 Three unseen passages of total 450 words with a variety of questions including 3 marks for vocabulary.

The prose passage will be Factual passage, e.g. instruction, description, report etc.

Discursive passage e.g. argumentative, interpretative, persuasive etc and literary passage, e.g. fiction, poetry, interview, biography etc in nature.


(1) About 150 words in length (5 Marks)

(2) About 150 words in length (5 Marks)

(3) About 150 words in length (5 Marks)

There will be questions for local comprehension besides questions on vocabulary and comprehension of higher level skills such as drawing inferences and conclusions.

15 Marks

27 Periods



B1 Letter writing: One letter based on provided verbal stimulus and context. (6 Marks)

Types of Letter :- informal: personal - such as to family and friends

Formal : letters of complaints, enquiries, requests, applications.


B2 Note making and summarizing : (3+3=6 Marks) (a) Students will be asked to make notes on the passage given (100 words).

(b) The students will be asked to prepare a summary looking at the given notes.


B3 Composition : A short writing task based on a verbal and/or visual stimulus(diagram, picture, graph, map, chart, table, flow chart etc) (80 words) (8 Marks)


An essay in about 200 words on topics of day to day life. After given an ample practice to student to write an original composition for two or three years, the option of 'Essay' may be eliminated.


20 Marks

36 Periods


Grammar & Translation

A variety of short questions involving the use of particular structures within a context.

Test Types used will include cloze, gap-filling, sentence completion, sentence re-ordering, editing, dialogue- completion and sentence transformation. The grammar syllabus for this class will include the following areas for teaching:

1- Use of non-finites

2- Sentence connectives : as, since, while, then, just because, just until

3- Clauses with what, where and how

4- Past Tense

5- Modals : can, could, may, must, might

6- Translation (from Hindi to Eng)

Note:- All other areas covered in Class IX will be tested in Class X as this is an integrated course for this area of learning.

20 Marks

36 Periods


Text Books

Prose - 20 Marks

D.1 and D.2 - Two extracts from different prose lessons included in text book
(approximately 100 words each) (5X2 10 marks) These extracts chosen from different lessons will be literary and discursive in nature. Each extract will be of 5 marks. One mark in each extract will be for vocabulary. 4 marks in each passage will be used for testing local and global comprehension be sides a question on interpretation.


D.3 One out of two questions: extrapolative in nature based on any one of the prose lessons from text book to be answered in about 50 to 80 words. (6 Marks)


D.4 One out of two questions on drama text (local and global comprehension questions) (25-30 words) (4 Marks)


Poetry - 10 Marks


D.5 One out of two extracts from different poems from the prescribed reader, each followed by two or three questions to test the local and global comprehensive of the set text. (3 Marks)

D.6 One out of two short answer type questions on interpretation of themes and ideas contained in the poems to be answered in about 20-25 words each. (3 Marks)

D.7 and D.8 Two out of three short answer type questions on appreciation of the poems. (4 Marks)


D.9 One out of two questions from supplementary Reader to interpret, evaluate and analyze character, plot of situations occurring in the lessons to be answered in about 100 words (7 Marks)

D10&D11 Two out of the short answer type questions of interpretative and evaluative nature based on lessons (2x2=4 Marks)

D12&D13 Two out of three short answer type questions based on factual aspects of the lessons. (2x2=4 Marks)

45 Marks

81 Periods


Book Prescribed :-

1. Text Book with Supplementary material.

2. Work Book

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