Madhya Pradesh Board Engineering Drawing Syllabus for Class 10

Madhya Pradesh Board Syllabus for Class 10 Engineering Drawing

Malayalam (General) syllabus for class X_2008-09

Time: 3 hours
Total Marks: 100




Chapter no. & Name

2.As Kochu Vana Devathaye Kandittundo

3. Pallum NAavum

9. Jaya Prakash Narayanan

10. Vad tmi Kiynde Poorvashramam

12. Sahitya thinte Dharmam

16. Theyyam

21. Muppathu

24. Amma

32 Marks



Chapter no. & Name

1. Jaya Jaya Kerala Dharani

6 . Kaaliye Mardhanam

8. Maghanukil Penkodi

13. Athi Dharuna Dhrishyam

15. Vethiyum Tholviyum

19. Chaingappulari

23. Malayachalam

27. Chintha Vishtayaya Sita

30 Marks



(1) Figures & of speech, verbs, subjects and predicate, Synonyms, Antonyms and Grammar based on text book & Samas,


(2) Essay - Writing - Topics related to school life, Youth activities, Social issues, National issues, Science, Culture, Arts & Sports, (Not more than hundred words)


(3) Letter - Writing - (personal)

20 Marks





10 Marks






8 Marks


(i) PROSE (8 Lessons) Kerala Pathavali STD VII (Edition 1990)-Published by Department of Education Govt. of Kerala, Tirvandrum

(ii) Poetry- (Poems) Karala Pathavali Std. VII (Edition 1990)

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