Karnataka Board Syllabus

Karnataka education board was developed in the year 1966 and after the recognition the board has been working to increase the education ratio in the state. The Karnataka education board is responsible for the school education in the state and the works related to the school education from 1st to 12th standard are handled by the board. The submission of the papers, admit card releases, result announcements, text books series, the syllabus recognition and all the works for the school education are arranged by the board of Karnataka in the state. After the secondary education for the higher education it’s necessary to pass the examination of the SSLC that is conducted by the board in the month of March. The number of the appearing students in the examination is increasing rapidly and this also shows the rapid growth of the education in the state. For the higher education it’s required to clear the examination of SSLC for the students after class 10th.

Board organized the SSLC examination in the month March and for the same the supplementary examination is organizes in the month June or July. This is the golden chance for the students who are not attended the examination or not passed due to some reason in the first time. The application of the students for the higher education will be depend upon the SSLC examinations result. So a good preparation is must.

The Syllabus for Karnataka Board is available here on the portal and can be accessed without any problem. The detailed syllabus for the different classes till 12th class is listed on the portal in an understanding way. Karnataka Board Syllabus 2013-2014 is listed on the portal divided according to the different classes. To access that syllabus and download that for the further use is much easier than any other way. So students are advised to go through them.


Karnataka Board Syllabus by class

  • Karnataka Board Syllabus for Class 12

    12th class is the board class, so students need to work hard for it using Karnataka Board class 12 syllabus 2013-2014. The CBSE syllabus is decided to be taught to the Karnataka Board students of 11th and 12th standard so that they can face All-India Exams successfully. To help students in learning the CBSE syllabus, bridge courses would be conducted after 10th st...Read More

  • Karnataka Board Syllabus for Class 10

    Syllabus is always important for the students. Karnataka Board class 10 syllabus is as important as the text books for the students of Karnataka board. A number of subjects are there that have to study and if students do their preparation without knowing the syllabus of the subjects then the consumed time to complete the syllabus can not be imagined and that will ...Read More

  • Karnataka Board Syllabus for Class 3

    Without knowing the syllabus one cannot prepare for a specific class. For the students of Karnataka Board, we are presenting the class 3 Karnataka Board syllabus 2013-2014 on our portal. Students and teachers can easily download this syllabus from the page. The important topics and chapters of all subjects are included in this list of Karnataka Board class 3 sylla...Read More

  • Karnataka Board Syllabus for Class 6

    To pass the exams, this is must that students prepare according to the class 6 Karnataka Board syllabus. This works as the best guide for the students that provides the knowledge about the important chapters and topics to the students. The study according to the Karnataka Board class 6 syllabus 2013-2014 will help the students in preparing an accurate time table s...Read More

  • Karnataka Board Syllabus for Class 7

    To prepare each subject perfectly, students need to follow the updated syllabus of the board they belong to. We post the Karnataka Board Class 7 Syllabus due to its importance to the students of this board. The Syllabus for Class 7th Karnataka Board 2013-2014 that we upload are of every subjects present in the 7th standard curriculum of Karnataka education board such...Read More

  • Karnataka Board Syllabus for Class 8

    8th class students of Karnataka board study all about Natural resources, Food, Natural Phenomena’s, Working of Things, concepts like Sound, Light etc. in the Karnataka Board class 8 syllabus of Science. The High School word is used for this class as after this students needs to adapt the self learning practice. As it is necessary for their higher studies because a...Read More

  • Karnataka Board Syllabus for Class 9

    Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board provides the syllabuses for all the classes as that of Karnataka Board Class 9 Syllabus 2013-2014. Syllabus is given at the starting of the session as it is necessary for all students, teachers and other coaching institutions. Students get to know about the content that they have to study for this present session so ...Read More

  • Karnataka Board Syllabus for Class 11

    For these senior secondary classes students need to clear SSLC examination after class 10th which is conducted by Karnataka Board. Karnataka Board Class 11 Syllabus is then provided for those 11th standard students so that they can prepare the content of this class. This class is the base of the next board class so they have to properly schedule their studies so ...Read More

Karnataka Board Syllabus by Subject

  • Karnataka Board Hindi Syllabus

    Syllabus always plays an important part in student life as students can manage their time of studies accordingly. This Karnataka Board Hindi Syllabus is useful in moving ahead with the subject. One can prepare with the text books only when they have the knowledge about the Karnataka Board Syllabus for Hindi. Basically the chapters are classified in the poetry, story,...Read More

  • Karnataka Board Math Syllabus

    Maths is a subject that deals with numbers and the operations, functions, calculations and measurements done with them. Karnataka Board Syllabus for Maths provides you with the complete syllabus defined by Karnataka education board. Topics like number system, permutation and combination, statistics, quadratic equations, modular Arithmetic, Practical Geometry, Mensurat...Read More

  • Karnataka Board Science Syllabus

    Science is a subject which gives a systematic and logical explanation to every thing present around us like this universe. Like every other board Karnataka Board Syllabus for Science 2013-2014 also gives you an idea about this subject. In Karnataka board this subject included Physics and Chemistry, the topics covered are Electromagnetic Induction, Heat, Sound, Gravita...Read More

  • Karnataka Board Physics Syllabus

    Physics related to the study of matter with its motion. The Karnataka Board Physics Syllabus is presented on the portal of edurite boards which is well described and includes all the topics of Physics. Physics has a well contribution in the research of new technologies. The knowledge of Karnataka Board Syllabus for Physics introduces the students with the great new...Read More

  • Karnataka Board Biology Syllabus

    A science that is concerned with the living organism and their life, their origin, makeup, role, development, growth and distribution is known as Biology. Karnataka Board Syllabus for Biology tell you all about it dividing its syllabus in seven units namely The Living World, Life Processes: their control and coordination, Biotechnology, Food Production and Managem...Read More

  • Karnataka Board English Core Syllabus

    English is a global Language. In Karnataka Board Syllabus for English Core, this subject is divided in two papers or books one the First English and the Second English or English Reader. In First English is designed keeping in view the core human values where as the second English reader focuses on improving the vocabulary and communication of the student. Th...Read More

  • Karnataka Board Chemistry Syllabus

    Chemistry is a subject in which students study about the structure and functioning of the atom, different elements and molecules etc. Karnataka Board Syllabus for Chemistry 2013-2014 covers all this in a very organized and disciplined manner. Topics covered in this syllabus are Solid states, Surface Chemistry, Different block elements, Polymers, Alcohols, Haloal...Read More

  • Karnataka Board Social Science Syllabus

    The subject History is the source of knowledge about the glorious past of the country which is not possible to know with History. We have great pleasure in providing the Karnataka Board Social Science Syllabus on our site. In the Karnataka board the Karnataka Board Syllabus for Social Science includes the Indian economics, civics, geography and history all ...Read More