Karnataka Board Syllabus for Science

Science is a subject which gives a systematic and logical explanation to every thing present around us like this universe. Like every other board Karnataka Board Syllabus for Science 2013-2014 also gives you an idea about this subject. In Karnataka board this subject included Physics and Chemistry, the topics covered are Electromagnetic Induction, Heat, Sound, Gravitation, Radioactivity, Solar Energy, Metals, and Water etc. Students syllabus is must for the preparation of any exam because it helps you to study in a systematic way either it is a Karnataka Board Science Syllabus or any other board syllabus. Systematic in a sense that you can prepare according to the weightage given to each topic, so that you invest the needed amount of time to each topic not more than that and can user that time in the preparation of the other topics. Syllabus is something that is must to define at the starting of every session as to manage the school activities according to that like Karnataka government have given Karnataka Board Syllabus for Science. This syllabus is designed by a committee of board members who are experts of their subject, while deciding contents of a syllabus they have to research what is going on in the market, what are the concepts that should be their in the Karnataka Board Science Syllabus that a students needs to know. It is something which confirms that what could be the expected portion of any discipline from which the examiner will set the paper or should say that it tells what to study and upto what extent.
Students who have chosen Science as their senior secondary subject shows that they have a great interest in knowing 'what', 'why' and 'how' regarding object present in surrounding. It makes them to enter in medical and various Engineering fields. For further details regarding Karnataka Board Syllabus for Science, just click on the links we are providing you on our edurite portal.
Karnataka Board Syllabus for Science by Class