Karnataka Board Textbook for Hindi

Hindi is a language subject. It is the mother tongue of the Indians and it also one of the largest language around the world. Different boards have different syllabus for it like Karnataka Board Hindi Text Books includes two books, one is Hindi Bharati and other one is Hindi Sarita. The Hindi Sarita text book contains autobiography, biography, essays, stories etc. of many different writers like A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Bhnudatt Tripathi, Vishnu Prabhakar, Gunaram Mule, Bhawani Prasad Mishra etc. in Karnataka Board Books for Hindi. Whereas Hindi Bharati contains several topics regarding civilization, social customs, National Unity, Patriotism etc. and few topics focusing on imbibing moral and spiritual values in students in Hindi Books for Karnataka Board. The chapters and exercises given in this text book are designed focusing student's reading, writing, speaking skills. While we are reading any language subject it is needed that we should learn it very sincerely as it's more than a subject in which have to just pass and than forget. It is the mode of communication so students read these Karnataka Board Hindi Text Books and find your way to learn this language. The writers whose articles find a place in this Hindi Books for Karnataka Board are as follows: Maithali Sharan Gupta, Premchandra, Mahendra Bhatnagar, Sumitrnandan Panth, Jay Shankar Prashad etc. , they are the well known writers of their era. Their articles are covered not only in this board but also in the other important boards of this country. 
Text book reading is must to strengthen your dialect. So students read as much as you can to increase your language knowledge by reading Karnataka Board Books for Hindi. Text books are the best way to focus on your syllabus. It tells you what to study and upto what extent. Students for further details just click on the given links and get what you are searching till now.  



Karnataka Board Textbook for Hindi by Class