Karnataka Board Syllabus for Class 8

8th class students of Karnataka board study all about Natural resources, Food, Natural Phenomena’s, Working of Things, concepts like Sound, Light etc. in the Karnataka Board class 8 syllabus of Science. The High School word is used for this class as after this students needs to adapt the self learning practice. As it is necessary for their higher studies because after this class teachers starts assigning few self learning assignments like they tell students to prepare some topic on their own, at that time a student who is comfortable with this approach can find it an easy work and those who are not that competent in it gets puzzled. Students the other subject's syllabus for class 8th Karnataka Board 2013-2014 includes Maths syllabus which has Rational Numbers, Quadrilaterals, Square and Square Roots, Linear Equations , Cube Roots etc. The subject English is given in a way so as to make students learn this subject in conceptual approach and so that a student can actually use it in their communication in all the three ways like speaking, Reading and writing. Student can also study Hindi and Social Science in this class 8 Karnataka Board syllabus.
Students a syllabus is necessary as it can help you to know what you can study for this session. It is designed by the board members keeping in mind the need of the present education system and the need of the world economy. As a student is the future of a nation, the moral values and the knowledge that they inculcate during this student life enlights them through out their life. So for that syllabus quality should be good as that of Karnataka Board class 8 syllabus. Syllabus also helps teachers and other institutions to prepare their regular test papers as the syllabus for class 8th Karnataka Board helps Karnataka board teachers. It is also useful for the company who make the websites for any particular board or making any general purpose website to fill the content on this site like class 8 Karnataka Board syllabus is a given on our portal. It also helps students who are residing at some distant location so they can also view Karnataka Board class 8 syllabus via our portal.



Karnataka Board Syllabus for Class 8 by Subject