Karnataka Board Syllabus for Class 11

For these senior secondary classes students need to clear SSLC examination after class 10th which is conducted by Karnataka Board. Karnataka Board Class 11 Syllabus is then provided for those 11th standard students so that they can prepare the content of this class. This class is the base of the next board class so they have to properly schedule their studies so as to complete the whole Syllabus for Class 11th Karnataka Board before time so that they can spare time for the revision. Revision is must as it clears your doubts and increases your confidence level and helps them to score good in their exam. And in today's era of competition to score good in exam is necessary to get good jobs. And for that you have to study hard using the Class 11 Karnataka Board Syllabus, if you are a student enrolled in Karnataka Board. This is a class in which students choose their subject of interest, so that can make career in it. Subjects are divided according to the three main streams Science, Commerce and Arts. Karnataka Board Class 11 Syllabus includes syllabus of all the subjects of all the streams and is listed on our portal. Pre-University Course is the name given to class 11th and the CBSE syllabus is included in it. So this Syllabus for Class 11th Karnataka Board which is actually our well known CBSE syllabus which is framed according to the latest pattern and global need.
In subjects like Science you will know all about genetics, Plants and Human Anatomy. In Maths you will learn all the topics of Calculus, Trigonometry, Algebra, and Coordinate Geometry and so on. English includes three books English Elective, English Core and Fundamental English; all three are designed to make students friendly with English Language so that they feel comfortable while using it. In Hindi Class 11 Karnataka Board Syllabus includes all the aspects through which you can learn the linguistics of this language. To know the detailed information about it you should just go through our portal.



Karnataka Board Syllabus for Class 11 by Subject

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