Karnataka Board Syllabus for Chemistry

Chemistry is a subject in which students study about the structure and functioning of the atom, different elements and molecules etc. Karnataka Board Syllabus for Chemistry 2013-2014 covers all this in a very organized and disciplined manner. Topics covered in this syllabus are Solid states, Surface Chemistry, Different block elements, Polymers, Alcohols, Haloalkanes etc. The other topics covered in this Karnataka Board Chemistry Syllabus are Chemical bonding, Equilibrium, Atom Structure, Organic Chemistry etc. This all have been covered in the books of Karnataka board in a very friendly manner so that students can learn the topics easily and can understand them well. Students when practice these Karnataka Board Syllabus for Chemistry thoroughly, than they can easily solve the previous year question banks and other sample papers based on this syllabus. And when they practice according to this Karnataka Board Chemistry Syllabus, they will find that all the curiosity that they have regarding any topic gets clear. Karnataka Board Syllabus for Chemistry which covers all sort of knowledge about a concept in very detailed manner, including sufficient amount of examples and practice questions. As it is designed by the experts who have done a great research over each topic. So, Students of Karnataka board are advised to strictly follow Karnataka Board Chemistry Syllabus so that they can good marks in the final exam. Because the paper that comes in the final exam is formed according to this syllabus.
Karnataka Board Syllabus for Chemistry also includes information about different dyes and Polymers. It tells how these dyes are formed, what are elements and molecules that are used in their formation. Karnataka Board Chemistry Syllabus makes students aware about the different from of reaction like nuclear fission and fusion, Chain reaction etc. Students can also get to know about various organic compounds like Benzene, Amino acids etc. while reading this Karnataka Board Syllabus for Chemistry. Students of Karnataka board can get the benefits of the reading and practicing this excellent study material from our edurite portal.



Karnataka Board Syllabus for Chemistry by Class